Review Of plants Used In Hair Care

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Hair are protective appendages on the body. They remain on one or other part of body from the time of birth to death. People who carry luxuriant and lustrous hair are regarded as young and beautiful. Hair is derived from surface ectoderm of the skin.

Review Of plants Used In Hair Care

Hair are protective appendages on the body. They remain on one or other part of body from the time of birth to death. People who carry luxuriant and lustrous hair are regarded as young and beautiful. Hair is derived from surface ectoderm of the skin. At the site where a hair follicle is to form, the germinal layer of epidermis proliferates to form a cylindrical mass that grows down into the dermis. The lower end of this down growth becomes expanded and is invaginated by a condensation of the mesoderm, which forms the papilla. The hair itself is formed by proliferating germinal cells overlying the papilla. As the hair grows to the surface, the cells forming the wall of the down growth surround it; a typical hair follicle is formed. A hair has a root ( bulb and knob), a shaft and a tip. The portion of hair which lies in the follicle is known as the root hair. It is surrounded by loose connective tissue known as root sheath. The root lies in the dermis. The shaft grows from it and project outside the skin. The distal end of the shaft is known as the hair tip.

Hair consists of three zones: cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cuticle is the outer zone consisting of scales and forms a certain characteristic pattern. The scales are flattened with serrated edges and surround the shaft completely forming a coronal pattern. The cortex is the middle zone of varying thickness and consists of longitudinal keratin fibres and varying amounts of pigments. The size, shapes, distribution and density of the pigment granules along the shaft determine the colour of the hair. The medulla is the inner zone known as the medullary canal the centra shaft. The root hair has the appearences similar to that of shaft except that it is enlarged in the form of bulb or knob. Keratin is collagenous fibrous protein that makes hair. It is found as coiled coil of a-helices. The amino acid such as glycine, alanine, valine, aspartic acid, leucine, praline, cystine, glutamic acid arginine and lysine occur to the extents of 1, 4, 3, 13, 15, 7, 10 and 3% in keratine protein, respectively.
Melanin is the principle pigment responsible for the colour of human hair, and acts as filter that decreases the harmful effects of ultraviolet light providing protection against environmentally induced premature aging. It is a polymer formed by the oxidation of tyrosine by tyrosinase to dihydrophenylalanine (DOPA) within melanocytes. The chemical units which predominate  these melanin  are of the indole type, formed from tyrosine, stop working, and as a result hair turn white. The hair seems grey when white hair are seen against the still-pigmented dark hair. Hair colour and texture are racial characteristics and genetically determined. The yellow-brown mongol race has black straight hair. The negroids have black, curly hair andcaucasoids have fair, brown, red or black hair. 1                                                                                                             

Hair Growth Cycle
Hair on our scalps grows about.3-.4 mm/day or about 6 inches per year. This hair growth and loss is completely random - and is not seasonal or cyclic. At any given time, a random number of hairs will be in various stages of growth and shedding.                         There are three stages of hair growth which is important to know about. These are called: anagen (growth phase), catagen (transtional phase), telogen (resting phase).

Anagen - Anagen is the active phase of the hair (hair which is living and growing). The cells in the root of the hair are dividing rapidly. A new hair is formed and pushes the club hair up the follicle and eventually out. During this phase the hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days. Scalp hair stays in this active phase of growth for 2-6 years. Some people have difficulty growing their hair beyond a certain length because they have a short active phase of growth. On the other hand, people with very long hair have a long active phase of growth. The hair on the arms, legs, eyelashes, and eyebrows have a very short active growth phase of about 30-45 days explaining why they are so much shorter than scalp hair. Hair loss occurs when anagen is interrupted by certain medications (e.g. anti-cancer drugs), or by the 'autoimmune' disease, alopecia areata. Anagen hair is tapered or broken-off.

Catagen - The catagen phase is a transitional stage and 3% of all hairs are in this phase at any time. This phase lasts for about 2-3 weeks. During this time growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. This is the formation of what is known as a club hair.

Telogen - Telogen is the resting phase and accounts for 10-15% of all hairs. This phase lasts for about 100 days for hairs on the scalp and much longer for hairs on the eyebrow, eyelash, arm and leg. During this phase the hair follicle is completely at rest and the club hair is completely formed. Pulling out a hair in this phase will reveal a solid, hard, dry, white material at the root. About 25-100 telogen hairs are shed normally each day, generally more in autumn or winter. Excessive shedding results in telogen effluvium, often a couple of months after an event such as child-bearing, fever, an operation, weight loss or certain medications. Sometimes there appears to be no recognisable cause, and the shortened hair cycle can continue for years (chronic telogen effluvium).After the Telogen phase the cycle is complete and the hair goes back into the Anagen phase. New hair shafts form and older hair is pushed out and lost. The hair growth cycle then repeats.
Exogen - is the last phase of hair growth cycles

Exogen, or hair shedding, is the last phase of all hair growth cycles. On any given day, every human being looses about 50-150 hairs due to the exogen phase.

Exogen deals mainly with the hair shaft base and not directly with the hair follicles. The details of the exogen mechanism are poorly understood, but it certainly influences the anagen phase.

It is necessary to understand the normal cyclical process of hair re-growth which in turn will help you to understand the hair loss causes.

Normally, the cyclical process of hair growth and inactivity goes on for the over all lifespan of the individual. But some factors like harmful medications or radiation, hormones, and genetics can disturb this normal cyclical process leading to severe hair loss.

By taking good care of your hair, with proper nutrition and natural hair care products you can help your hair to be in good health.
Understand the natural cycles of hair growth and take care to maintain their structure and function without harming them.3

Effects of age
           About 70% of men above the age of 50 years face balding and graying of hair. In some, these symptoms of age arrive much earlier. The new born babies usually possess hair that are fine, soft, downy, non-pigmented, non-medullated and with smooth edged flattered scales. These get slowly replaced by comparatively less fine, pigmented, non-medullated and with a more complex scale pattern. At about 14 years in the male and 13 years in female, public hair begain to appear. The axillary hair appears a year later. In the beginning, the growth of hair is sparse and its colour lighter  in about one or two years , the growth of hair becomes thick and the colour darker. The sex hormone, collectively called the androgen e.g. dehydro epi-androsterone, dihydrotesterone, progesterone etc. in male, show their relationship with growth of hair in normal individuals.
The growth of hair at eyebrows and eyelashes are not dependent on androgen. While axillary and public hair are sensitive to the small amount of androgen secreted by the adrenal glands, hair in these regions therefore, grows approximately equally in men and women. Hair begins to appear on the chin and upper lip of males between 16-18 years. Baldness of  scalp is not of much value nor the graying of hair, except in a general way. Graying starts on the scalp at about forty years first at the temples, followed later by the beard and moustaches and still later the chest. Axillary and public hair never turn grey before fifty to sixty years. As the age  advance, scalp hair become less dence in the male and there is loss of axillary hair in the female. The age at which a person ‘s hair turns grey is largely decided by heredity. But premature loss of pigment in adults may be caused by variety of other factors, including illness, certain drugs and shock and it is irreversible. However, if hair turns white in childhood, it can be a result of malfunction in the body and medical advice is called for. Vigorous brushing can cause hair splits, breaks or uprooting. Washing of hair is essential for clean hair with a healthy sheen.
Protein energy malnutrition and parasitic diseases bring out structural changes in the hair. Dandruff is caused by infection of Pityrosporum ovale. Any inflammatory or destructive diseases of the skin on scalp may destroy hair follicles in its wake. Thus, burns, heavy X –ray irradiation, or ringworm infection  and similar other events may cause a  scarring alopecia. Alopecia may be patchy and localized or extensive when the scalp is diseased. Ringworm of the scalp is caused by fungal infection and is most common in children. The disease causes oval areas of baldness covered with short, broken- off lustrous hair stumps. Premature hair loss or baldness in men is genetically determined and requires adequate levels of circulating androgens for expression. Baldness in women occurs only in old age. Hair is also lost due to the infection of lice.1

Aims and objective
                   The knowledge of about the use of plants in hair care lies scattered in the various treaties of Ayurveda, Siddha, Tibetan and Unani system of medicine. By doing literature survey of ancient books based on traditional system of medicine an attempt has  been made here to enhance the beauty of hair and to treat a daily hair disease i.e. dandruff by using plants traditionally used in ancient times. It is hoped that the information being made available here will help common people to make remedies themselves from readily available plant materials and industrialists to produce hair care goods and incite some research towards improvement of hair care recipes.

Plants Commonly Used in Hair Care
Sr.       Botanical name                           Common name                  Family
  1.        Acacia arabica                              Kikar                  .            Mimosaceae 
  2.        Acacia concinna                           Shikakai                           Mimosaceae
   3.      Arctium lappa                               Burdock                         Compositae
   4.      Arnica montana                            Arnica                            Compositae
   5.      Betula pendula                              Birch                             Betulaceae
   6.      Calendula officinalis                     Marigold                       Compositae
   7.      Carthamus tinctorious                   Safflower                      Compositae
   8.      Centella asiatica                            Brahmi                          Umbelliferae
   9.      Cocos nucifera                              Nariyal                           Palmae
  10.     Cydonia oblonga                           Bihi                               Rosaceae
  11.     Eclipta alba                                   Bhangra                         Compositae
  12.     Haematoxylon camp                     Patang                           Leguminosae
  13.     Juglans regia                                 Akhrot                           Jugiandaceae
  14.     Lawsonia inermis                          Mehendi                        Lythraceae
  15.     Morus  alba                                   Shatoot                          Moraceae
  16.     Nardostachys jatamansi                Jatamansi                       Valerianaceae
  17.      Phyllanthus embelica                   Amla                              Euphorbiaceae
  18.     Pilocarpus jaborandi                      Jaborandi                       Rutaceae
  19.     Pterocarpus indicus                        Narra                              Leguminosae
  20.     Rubia tinctorum                             Bacho Rubiaceae
  21.     Sapindus mukorrossi                      Ritha                              Sapindaceae
  22.     Saussurea lappa                              Kust                               Compositae
  23.     Sesamum indicum                          Til                                  Padaliaceae
  24.     Terminalia belerica                         Bahera                           Combretaceae
  25.     Thymus serpyllum                          Banajwain                      Labiatae
  26.     Tinospora cordifolia                       Giloe                              Menispermaceae
  27.     Trigonella foenugraecum                Methi                             Leguminosae
  28.     Urtica dioica                                    Stinging nettle               Urticaceae

Causes and  Remedies of Greying of hair, Baldness and Alopecia:
 Greying of Hair and Baldness
            Hair spring from the true skin, with a root and a stem. The sebaceous glands open into the follicles of the hair and if there is a malfunctioning of these glands, there is dryness of hair. Over active sebaceous glands tend to make the hair only to which dust and grime have a tendency to stick making them look unkempt and unruly.

            The varying tint of the hair is due to the pigment scattered in varying amounts throughout the hair and white hairs are produced if there are numerous air spaces throughout the cells composing them. The hair grow at the rate of 15 centimeters or about 6 inches a year. But in most persons the hairs have a tendency to fall when they reach a particular length, new hair grow from the papilla of the old hairs which have fallen off.

             There is a tendency of the hair to lose their natural colour with advancing age. If the hair turn grey with, it is but natural, but premature graying is a morbid condition, the causative factors of which include chronic cold, sinusitis and a constitution given to indulgence in emotions like anger and passion. Worry and sudden shock are also precipitating factors. People who are in the habit of washing their hair with hot water or women who use hair dryers are more prone to suffer from premature graying of the hair than others.2

Greying of Hair 
    Lake of care of the hair tendency to wash them with hot water or to dry them electric dryers which emit a blast of hot air, are some of the precipitation factores. Hairdyes used in the earlier stages also accentuate the process of graying. Chronic cold being one of the causative factors must be first dealt with if there is premature graying of hair. Factors made hair oils tend to strengthen the tendency of premature graying.

          A vigorous rubbing of the scalp after washing the hair with cold water should be adopted. The fingers should be used to rub the scalp vigorously till the scalp starts to tingle with the heat. It will activate the sebaceous glands and also energise the circulation of blood in the affected area of the skin making the hair grow healthy. If the hair have started falling, the tendency would be checked. As for internal remedies the best is Giloya and Gokhroo taken in equal parts and mixed with honey. One teaspoonful doses should be taken thrice a day. An Ayurvedic remedy highly recommended for premature graying of hair is Bhirngaraja (Eclipta alba) two parts Black Seasame seeds one part and Amla- one part, ground into a fine powder and one teaspoonful of the powder taken with milk and sugar twice daily for some weeks.
       Or, old Mandur, Amla and Jaba (Hibiscus Rosa sinesis) flowers in equal quantities should be ground into paste and paste applied on the head. When it has dried, the hair should be washed with water in which Amla has been soaked overnight.
        Another paste recommended for premature graying is to take Amla 2 parts, Harde 2 parts, and old Mandur 2 ½  parts and grind them into a fine powder. A spoonful of the powder should be wetted with water in which Amla has been soaked overnight. The paste kept in an iron vessel overnight is to be applied to the hair in the morning. When the paste is dry, oil should be applied to the hair and then paste washed off with cold water.2

       The causative factors of baldness are almost the same as these which contribute to premature greying of hair. It may be due to serious diseases like myxodema, syphilis, influenza. Premature baldness is generally hereditary and not much can be done to cure. Of course early action can be taken when the hair start falling off and the evil day call be postponed by some months or even years. Eczema of the scalp also leads to baldness in some 
            If baldness is due to any of the serious diseases mentioned above medication should start the moment falling of hair is noticed. A nafuropathic cure is to dry the hair 
 with friction, i.e. rub the head with the tip of fingers till the hair is completely dry. The drugs recommended for premature greying would help in staying the falling of hair which leads to baldness, but early action is of the vital importance. Once the hair fallen and their follicles have closed nothing can be done. Those who attach their hair much cosmetic value may wear wings.
        Oil in which mangoes have preserved for one year should be rubbed on the scalp. Or 50 grams of leaves of Tamarish(Farash) should be ground and made into pellets. The pellets should then be burnt in boiling Mustard oil.the oil should then be decanted and used for massaging the bald patches. Another expedient is to grind the remains of the tobacco smoked in a hookah in Mustard oil and use it for massaging the scalp. Or, five tolas of Kaner (Oleander) leaves should be burnt in 250 ml of mustard oil, the oil cleaned and used for massaging.2

Alopecia (Baldness in Patches)
      Alopecia Areata, or patchy baldness, is common on the scalp, but may affect hair all over the body. It occurs mostly among adolescents and young adults. It is considered to be an infective condition, but is not infectious. Some medical authorities believe it to be caused by disturbance of the nervous system. In some cases, it appears to be concomitant of some diseases of the teeth, throat or eye. With proper treatment the bald patches again grow hair. The following remedies are recommended for this condition.
         Two or three cloves of Garlic should be ground together with a pinch of Collyrium and applied to the hairless patch, if there is a any imitation, butter should be smeared over the patch. Or, few grains of Potassium Permanganate should be dissolved in a few drops of water and applied to the bald patch a few  times in a day. It should be continued for some days. Alternatively, the tender leaves of the Caper berry(Karer) should be ground into paste and applied.
         The bald patch should be washed with juice of Amla and a cut made with a razor or scalpel sothat a little blood flows out. Finely powered salmiac mixed with butter should be rubbed into the spot.or, some curdled milk(Dahi) put in a copper vessel without any coating of tin should be ground with stave made of neem wood at the end of which a copper coin may fixed. When repeated churning turns the curdled milk green, it should be applied to the hairless patch for a few days.2 


          Common Name :      Gunjaa
           B. S.:                       Abrus precatorius Linn.
           Family :                    Papilionaceae
           Parts used :               Leaves , roots , seeds
           Chemical Constituents : Lectin abrin , isolations
           Uses :                       In baldness , dandruff , other hair diseases.
                                             Also used for Alopecia.4

            Common Name :      Indian Aloe
                                             Barbados Aloe
            B.S. :                         Aloe barbadensis Mill           
            Family :                     Liliaceae 
            Parts used :                Leaf , juices
            C.C. :                         Alocin , glucose , galactose , mannose
            Uses :                         In Shampoo as hair smoothner 5

             Common Name :     Indian paper Birch
           B.S. :                        Betula utilis D. Don  
                                            Betula bhojapatra wall
           Family :                   Betulaceae
           Parts used :              Leaves
           C.C. :                      Betulin , fupeol , oleanolic acid , betulic acid
           Uses :                       In treatment of hair loss and dandruff 6
             Common Name : Deodar , Himalayan Cedar
              B.S. :                   Cendrus deodara ( Roxb.) Loud   
              Family :               Pinaceae
              Parts used :          Heartwood , Oleo resin , oil
              C.C. :                   Alpha and gamma – atlantone , P- mrthy 1-3-
                                          tetrahydroacetophenone                        .
              Uses :                   As a hair oil for baldness 7
             Common Name :    Indian Hemp
              B.S.:                      Cannabis  sativa L.   
              Family:                  Cannabinaceae
              Parts used:             Leaf
             C.C:                       Volatile oil , α , β – ocimene , Myrcene 
             Uses:                        Leaves juices used in treatment of removing dandruff 8

             Common Name :    Meadow saffron
              B.S. :                      Colchicum dutumnale Linn.   
              Family :                  Colchicaceae
              Parts used :             Corm
              C.C. :                      Colchicine , clolchicoside
                                            deacetymethy 1 - colchicine 
              Uses :                     Used in treatment of hair –loss 9
             Common Name : Thorn apple 
              B.S. :                   Daters alba Nees
                                          Datura stramonium Linn   
              Family :              Solanaceae
              Parts used :         seed
             C.C. :                    Daturadiol , daturaolone ,
                                           nor – byoscine , apohyoscine 
             Uses :                  Seed oil in alopecia , in folling hair and in cutaneous 
                                         affections of the scalp 10

             Common Name :  Trailing Eclipta Plant
             B.S. :                     Eclipta  alba Hask
             Family :                 Asteraceae
             Parts used :           Whole plant
             C.C. :                     Stigmasterol
                                           Β- amyrin , heptacosanol 
             Uses :                    Gives natural colour to gray hair ,
                                           in hair growth treatment 11
              Common Name :   Myrobalan
                                             Indian Gooseberry
               B.S. :                     Emblica officinalis  Gaertn
               Family :                Euphorbiaceae
               Parts used :            Fruit
               C.C. :                   Glucogallin ,
                                           Vitamin-c, corilagin,
                                           Ellagic acid, quercetin
               Uses :                  In hair growth . 
                                          Used for retarding graying and for dyeing grey hair.           
                                          Oil used  in falling of hair as a hair tonic.12

              Common Name : Holy Milk Hedge,
               B.S. :                   Euphorbia thomsoniana Boiss
               Family :               Euphorbiaceae
               Parts used :          Latex , root
               C.C. :                    Isoquinoline alkaloid 
               Uses :                  Used in detergent for washing hair 13

             Common Name :  Holy milk Hedge                                                                
               B.S. :                     Euphorbia thymifolia Linn
               Family :                Euphorbiaceae
               Parts used :           Latex , root
               C.C. :                    Epitaraxerol , cuphorbol,
                                             Quercetin -3- beta - galactoside
               Uses :                    In  treatment of dandruff 14

            Common Name :  Liquorice , Licorice                                                               
               B.S. :                   Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.
               Family :               Papilinaceae
               Parts used :          Root
               C.C. :                  Glycyrrhizin,
                                           Polysaccharides , coumarins , 
                                           Sterols , asparagin
               Uses :                  In hair oil formulation as a tonic for retarding graying of       
                                           Promoting hair growth 15 

               Common Name : Spiked Ginger Lily                                                             
               B.S. :                    Hedychium spicatum Buch-Ham
               Family :                Zingiberaceae
               Parts used :           Rhizome , leaves
               C.C. :                    Cineul , limonene,
                                             beta – phellandrene, Linalool
               Uses :                   Used for disinfecting the scalp and for promoting hair
                                             Growth 16
              Common Name :  Shoe – flower  plant                                                           
               B.S. :                   Hibiscus rosa – sinensis Linn
               Family :              Malvaceae
               Parts used :          Flower
               C.C:                    Quercetin - 3- diguocoside, beta- sitosterol , 
                                           Malvalic acids         
               Uses :                  As a hair tinic for retarding premature graying of hair
                                           Used for blackening of hair. 17
                Common Name : Klamath weed                                                            
                B.S. :                   Hypericum  perforatum Linn
                Family :                Hypericaceae
                Parts used :           Whole plant
                C.C. :                Hypericin , pseudohypericin ,
                                         quercitrin , rutin, hyperforin         
                Uses :                Used as a hair restorer. 18
                Common Name: Indian Indigo,Wasma                                                       
                 B.S. :                 Indigofera tinctoria Linn
                 Family :             Papilionaceae
                 Parts used:         leaves
                 C.C.:                 Apigenin, kaempferol, luteolin, quercetin          
                 Uses:                 Leaves are used in hairdyes for giving natural colour to  
                                           grey hair
                                           Used in hair growth promotion
                                           Also used in baldness. 19
17.     JASMINUM
                  Common Name: Spanish jasmine                                                   
                  B.S:                    Jasminum grandiflorum Linn
                  Family:              Oleaceae
                  Parts used:         Leaves, flowers, 
                  C.C.:                  Benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, eugenol, linalool, 
                  Uses:                 As a hair oil in alopecia, baldness. 20
                  Common Name:  Henna                                                 
                  B.S:                    Lawsonia inermis Linn
                  Family:               Lythraceae
                  Parts used:          Leaves, seeds
                  C.C.:                   Coumarins, napthaquinines, sterols, 
                  Uses:                  Used for promoting hair growth, 
                                             for dyeing grey hair
                                             Also used as an ingredient for in hair lotion and is used to
                                             treat dandruff. 21
                  Common Name: Kamala tree                                    
                  B.S:                   Mallotus philippens Muell Arg.
                  Family:              Euphorbiaceae
                  Parts used:         Gland and hair of the fruit
                  C.C.:                  Lupeol, bergenin, sitosterol, lupeol acetate
                   Uses:                 Used as a hair oil in treatment of baldness. 22
                 Common Name: Mango                                    
                  B.S:                    Mangifera indica Linn
                  Family:               Anacardiaceae
                  Parts used:          Fruits, kennel, bark, tender leaves
                  C.C.:                  Mangiferin,
                                            ellagic acid, gallic acid,
                                            M-digallic acid 
                  Uses:                 Applied to the scalp as a treatment for dandruff.23
                   Common Name: Indian oleander                                    
                   B.S:                   Nerium indicum Mill
                                             Nerium odorum solid
                   Family:              Apocynaceae
                   Parts used:         Leaves, roots
                   C.C.:                  Plumericin, alpha-amyrin, 
                                              beta-sitosterol, kaempferol 
                   Uses:                Used in treatment of alopecia. 24 

                   Common Name: Night Jasmine, Coral Jasmine                                 
                    B.S:                    Nyctanthes arbor tristis L
                    Family:               Nyctanthaceae 
                    Parts used:          Seeds
                    C.C.:                   Beta-amyrin, beta-sitoterol,
                                                benzoic acid, nicotiflorin, nyctanthic acid
                    Uses:                  Seeds are used in the treatment of alopecia 
                                               and dandruff. 25

                   Common Name:  Indian Spikenard,
                                              Musk root, Maansi                                
                    B.S:                   Nardostachys jatamansi DC
                    Family:              Valerianaceae
                    Parts used:         Rhizomes, root
                    C.C.:                  Jatamanshic acid, jatamansone, patchouli
                    Uses:                 Used as a tonic for promoting growth of hair.26
                     Common Name:  Indian Trumpet flowers,
                     B.S:                     Oroxylum indicum Vent.  
                     Family:                Bignoniaceae
                     Parts used:           Bark, root
                     C.C.:                    Baicalein, 6, 7- glucuronides, scutellarein, aloe-emodin
                     Uses:                   Paste is used in baldness and in hair falling.27       25.PANDANUS
                     Common Name: Screw-pine, Thatch screw-pine
                      B.S:                   Pandanus fascicularis Lam
                      Family:              Pandanaceae
                      Parts used:         Flower, root
                      C.C.:                 Benzylbenzoate,
                                               benzyl-salicylate, benzyl-acetate, geraniol, Linalool, 
                      Uses:                 An extract of the root was applied topically for                           
                                               arresting premature graying of hair. 28
                    Common Name:   Opium poppy Opium
                                                  White poppy                                                                 
                      B.S:                    Papaver somniferum Linn.
                      Family:               Papaveraceae
                      Parts used:          Seed
                      C.C.:                   Morphine, Codeine
                                                 Papaverine, thebaine
                                                 Lactic acid, fumaric acid
                      Uses:                  Used as a scalp for treating dandruff. 29
                    Common Name: Indian Beech, 
                                                karanj, pongam oil tree                           
                      B.S:                  Pongamia pinnata (L) Merr.
                      Family:             Papilionaceae
                      Parts used:        Seed, bark, leaves
                      C.C.:                 Furanoflavonoids, sterols
                                               Triterpenes, coumarones
                      Uses:               The oil is an ingredient of a hair oil used for     
                                              Baldness. 30

                     Common Name:  Malabar Kino tree
                      B.S:                     Pterocarpus Marsupium Roxb.                    
                      Family:               Papilionaceae                    
                      Parts used:           Heartwood, kino, flower
                      C.C.:                   (-) - epicatechin, return -7- glucoside,
                                                  Liqui-ritigenin, garbanzol, pterosupin,
                                                 5- deoxykaempferol                                                              
                      Uses:                   In a hair oil for retarding graying of hair. 31
29.  SALIX
                     Common Name:  Common willow
                      B.S:                     Salix alba Linn                    
                      Family:               Salicaceae                    
                      Parts used:          Bark, root, leaves 
                      C.C.:                   Rhamnazine-3- vbeta-D-glucoside,
                                                 terniflorin, quercetin-3-o-glucoside
                                                 leucoanthocyanidins, salicortin
                       Uses:                  It takes away scruff and dandruff. 32

                     Common Name: Sesame, Gingelly
                      B.S:                    Sesamum indicum Linn.
                                                 Sesamum orientale Linn.
                      Family:              Pedaliaceae    
                      Parts used:         Seed, oil, alkaline ash
                      C.C.:                  Flavonoid, pedalin,
                                                alpha and beta- tocopherol, sesamol
                      Uses:                  It takes away scruff and dandruff. 33

                      Common Name:  Pointed Gourd
                       B.S:                   Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.
                       Family:              Cucurbitaceae   
                       Parts used:         Leaves, fruits
                       C.C.:                 Trichosanthin, colocynthin,
                                                phytosterol, hentriacontane, trichosanic  
                      Uses:                 In alopecia. 34                                  

                     Common Name: Arjuna
                      B.S:                   Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.ex.Dc) W. & A.
                      Family:              Combretaceae
                      Parts used:         Bark
                      C.C.:                Triterpene, arjungenine,
                                              triterpene glucosides I, II, III & IV  
                      Uses:                As a hair tonic for treating graying of hair. 35

                     Common Name:  Belliric Myrobalan,
                      B.S:                    Terminalia bellirica Roxb.
                      Family:               Combretaceae
                      Parts used:          Fruit
                      C.C.:                   Gallic, ellagic acid, 
                                                  Beta-sitosterol, bellericoside  
                      Uses:                   The oil of the kernel of seed was used as an 
                                                  Ingredient of sushruta’s Mahaa-Nila Taila,
                                                  Prescribed for preventing premature balding and
                                                  Graying of hair. 36
34.    URTICA
                     Common Name: Common stinging Nettle,
                                                 Roman Nettle
                      B.S:                    Urtica dioica Linn.
                                                 Urtica pilulifera Linn.
                      Family:               Urticaceae
                      Parts used:          Leaves
                      C.C.:                   Histamine, acetylcholine,
                                                Betaine, choline, carotenes  
                      Uses:                 Used in the dandruff. 37
35.  VITEX
                    Common Name: Five-leaved chaste- Tree
                      B.S:                  Vitex negundo Linn.
                      Family:            Verbenaceae
                      Parts used:       Leaves
                      C.C.:                N- hentriacontane, N- nonacosane,
                                              P- hydroxybenzoic acid,
                                              5- oxyisophthalic acid                               
                      Uses:               As a hair tonic for promoting growth of hair. 38   
                     Common Name: Winter cherry
                      B.S:                   Withania somnifera (Linn.) Dunal
                      Family:             Solanaceae
                      Parts used:        Root
                      C.C.:                Nicotine, somnine, somniferine,
                                               withanine, withananine, withasomine                               
                      Uses:                Used to stop the falling of hair in females after 
                                               Delivery. 39 
                Common Name:  Aquqia
                 B.S.:                    Acacia nilotica (L.) Del.
                 Family:                Leguminosae
                 Parts used:           Leaves & Fruits
                 C.C.:                    Catecol, pyrogallol, stearic acid, isoquercitrin
                 Uses:                    Used as a dye to colour the hair black.
                                        Also gives strengthens the hair and prevent them from
                                             falling. 40
                Common Name:   Dates, Khajur(India)  
                B.S.:                     Phoenix dactylifera Linn.
                Family:                 Palmae           
                Parts used:            Leaves & Fruits
                C.C.:                     Sugars, carotenoids, anthocyamins, flavones    
                Uses:                     A jam prepared from khurma for a month helps the black 
                                              Colour of hair to return in cases of premature graying.41

                Common Name:   Murmakki(unani)
                B.S.:                     Commiphora myrrha (Nees) Engl.
                Family:                 Burseraceae            
                Parts used:            Oil        
                C.C.:                     α- amyrone, Isolinalyl acetate, Lupeone         
                Uses:                     An oil of as mixed with myrrh nourishes the hair making 
                                             them thick and strong. 41
40   NEEM  
                Common Name:  Margosa
                B.S.:                      Azadirachta indica A. Juss
                Family:                  Meliaceae 
                Parts used:            Leaves, seed oil        
                C.C.:                     Azadirachtin, meliantrel, salanin         
                Uses:                     Makes the hair lustrous and black.41

                Common Name:   Soap nut
                B.S.:                      Sapindus mukorssi Gaertn
                Family:                 Sapindaceae
                Parts used:            Fruit         
                C.C.:                      Saponin, falty acids- nonconjugated triene, diene acids    
                Uses:                    Reeta being a detergent acts as a good shampoo. It regular 
                                              Use turns the hair black and preserve their blackness.42
42.  SENNA
                Common Name:   Sana
                B.S.:                      Cassia angustifolia. Vahl
                Family:                  Leguminosae              
                Parts used:             Leaves 
                C.C.:                      Sennoside A& B.    
                Uses:                     The leaves of sana applied on hair after grinding strengthen 
                                              Also protect the hair against falling.
                                              Used in hair blacking.42

43.   SHIKAKAI                                           
   Common Name:    Soap acacia
                B.S.:                     Acacia concinna DC.                 
                Family:                 Leguminosae   
                Parts used:            Fruit
                C.C.:                     Tartaric, oxalic, succinic acid, acacinin A&B    
                Uses:                     Used as shampoo for long hair and dandruff.42

                 Common Name:  Shoneez, Jira    
                 B.S.:                     Nigella sativa Linn.
                 Family:                 Umbelliferae
                 Parts used:            Seed
                 C.C.:                     Cuminaldehyde, α,β- Pinene, phellandrene, cuminic 
                 Uses:                     Nigella seeda helps the hair regrow in Alopecia.
                                              Also checks hair falling.42

45.   OLIVE   
   Common Name:  Zaitoon
                B.S.:                     Olea europaea Linn.
                Family:                Oleaceae
                Parts used:            Oil
                C.C.:                     Oleanolic acid, cinchonidiue maslinic acid
                Uses:                     Effective against baldness and graying of hair
                                             Also protect the hair against falling
                                             Also a good remedy for dandruff.43

                Common Name:   Hulba, 
                                             Methi ( India )
                B.S.:                     Trigonella foenugraecum Linn.
                Family:                 Papilionaceae
                Parts used:            Oil, leaves
                C.C.:                     Alkaloid Trigonelline
                Uses:                     Oil used in strengthen the hair and removes scars.41
                                            - Leaves are prevent the hair falling.44
                Common Name:   Formosa oil of camphor
                B.S.:                     Cinnamonum camphora
                Family:                Laureceae
                Parts used:            Oil
                C.C.:                     Acetaldehyde, dipentene, 
                                             d- pinene, eucalyptol
                Uses:                     Prevents heels from cracking and arrests falling hair.45

48.     CEDAR WOOD   
                  Common Name:   Red cedar 
                  B.S.:                     Juniperus virginiana Linn.
                  Family:                Pinaceae
                  Parts used:            Oil
                  C.C.:                     Monoterpenes, a- pinene,
                  Uses:                     Arreste hair loss, dandruff, and scalp diseases.46

                  Common Name:   Lavender 
                  B.S.:                     Lavendula officinalis Chaix.
                  Family:                 Labiatae 
                  Parts used:            Oil
                  C.C.:                      Estors, linalyl acetate, 
                                                 Pinene, linalool
                  Uses:                     Arreste hair falling.47

50.    SAGE 
                  Common Name:   Garden sage
                  B.S.:                      Salvia officinalis Linn.
                  Family:                 Labiatae 
                  Parts used:            Oil
                  C.C.:                      Luteolin, genkwanin,
                                                6- methoxygenkwanin, α and β - pinene
                  Uses:                     Arreste hair falling.48

51.    BURDOCK
                  Common Name:   Burdock 
                  B.S.:                     Arctium lappa
                  Family:                 Compositae,
                  Parts used:            Leaves
                  C.C.:                      Fukinone, petasitolone, 
                  Uses:                     Used in baldness.49

               Common Name:  Marigold
                B.S.:                    Calendula officinalis
                Family:               Compositae
                Parts used:           Leaves
                C.C.:                    β-sitosterol glucoside, sigmasterol glucoside,
                                             Lupeol, α-amyrin
                Uses:                    Used in treatment of alopecia and in hair loss.50

                Common Name:   Vilayati mehndi (HINDI)
                B.S.:                      Myrtus communis
                Family:                  Myrtaceae
                Parts used:             Oil
                 C.C.:                     Limonene, linalool, 
                                             cineole, α-pinene
                 Uses:                     It strenghthen the hair.51

                 Common Name:    Vilayati afsanthin (HINDI)
                 B.S.:                      Artemisia absinthium
                 Family:                  Compositae  
                 Parts used:             Whole plant
                 C.C.:                      Epoxycimenes, artabin
                 Uses:                      used in treatment of hair loss.52

55.    ALMOND
                 Common Name:    Badam (HINDI)
                 B.S.:                       Prunus amygdalus
                 Family:                  Rosaceae
                 Parts used:             Seed, oil
                 C.C.:                      Prunacin, sitosterol, 
                 Uses:                      It strengthen the hair making it thicker, strong and
                                                More lustrous.53

                 Common Name:     Mastic tree
                 B.S.:                        Pistacia lentiscus
                 Family:                   Anacardiaceae
                 Parts used:              Resin 
                 C.C.:                       Oleanolic, oleanonic, 
                                                β-amyrin, β- amyrone
                 Uses:                      It stimulating hair growth,
                                                Used as a lotion for hair.54

                 Common Name:     Chunna (HINDI)
                 B.S.:                        Cicer arietinum
                 Family:                    Leguminosae
                 Parts used:              Seed
                 C.C.:                       Vanillic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid
                 Uses:                      Used in hair dyes and also prevent hair falling.55
                 Common Name:     Anjir (HINDI)
                 B.S.:                        Ficus carica Linn.
                 Family:                    Moraceae
                 Parts used:               Fruit pulp
                 C.C.:                        Lactic acid, psoralen, bergapten
                 Uses:                      Useful for falling hair and dandruff.
                                                 Also used in premature hair growth.56

                 Common Name:     Mung (HINDI)
                 B.S.:                        Phaseolus radiatus
                 Family:                    Leguminosae  
                 Parts used:               Seed
                 C.C.:                        L-pipecolic acid, alanine, beta - sitosterol
                 Uses:                        It nourishing the hair.
                                                   It helps in blackening of hair.57 

60.     BANTAM
                 Common Name:     Cabbage palm (U.S.A.)
                 B.S.:                        Serenoa repens
                 Family:                    Palmae       
                 Parts used:               Dry fruits
                 C.C.:                        Quercitrin, carotene, 
                                                  Coumaric acid, linoleic acid
                 Uses:                        It used as a hair stimulant,
                                                   Also used in alopecia treatement.58 


1.      Sunsilk Natural Shampoo
               Ingredient :             Double Aamla for Sunflower extract
                    Uses :                      Lustrous black hair,
                                             Black shine for dull hair.
                    Manufacture by:     Hindustan Lever Ltd.52

2.       Dabur Vatica 
           Henna cream conditioning shampoo
                       Ingredients :             Henna, Shikakai,
                                                       Green almond
                 Uses :                      Soft and silky hair,
                                                 Natural and gentle conditioning well nourished hair.
                       Manufacture by:     Dabur India Ltd. 52
3.         Nyle herbal 
             Henna conditioning shampoo
           Ingredients :            Henna, Shikakai,
                        Uses :                     Gives your hair natural noyrishment.
                                                        Keeping it healthy and dry.
                        Henna :                    Conditioner for dry hair.   
                        Shikakai:                 Reduce hair loss and removes dandruff.
                        Amla :                     Strenghthen hair fibre, 
                                                        Reduce hair loss.
                                                        Helps to keep the hair black and beautiful.
                       Manufacture by :       Ponds Personal Care Pvt. Ltd. 52

4.       Clinic Plus Ayurvedic Hair Wash
                        Ingredients :            Each 5 ml. contains:- 
                                                     - Tulsi oil (Oscimum sanctum ) -  25 mg.
                                                     - Cinnamom oil 
                                                                    (Cinnamomum tamala )- 10 mg.
  - Neem extract
                                                               (Azadiracta indica )     -  5 mg.
                   Uses :                  Gives 100 % clean hair that get healthier with every         
                   Neem :                 Antibacterial, help scalp                    
                         Tulsi :                  Natural germs cleanser,
                                                      Helps in maintaining natural colour of hair.
                         Manufacture by:  Muldantra Pvt. Ltd.
                                                      Made in India. 52

5.         Herbal Ved  -    Hair Cleanser                         
                          Ingredients :          Neem + Tulsi
                                                        Each 100 ml. contains:-
                                                      - Tulsi Patra Kwath      -      1.5 ml
                                                      - Neem Patra Kwath     -      1.5 ml
                                                      - Manjisthadi Patra Kwath - 1.5 ml
                                                      - Aritha Patra Kwath    -       1.5 ml
                                                      - Amla Patra Kwath     -       1.5 ml
                   Manufacture by :   Shree Ved Ayurvedic Pharmacy. 52

6.           Marico’s Hair and Care
                         Ingredients :           Vegetable oil,
                                                         Extract from neem and tulsi leaves.
                         Uses :                     Extract - nourish the hair
                                                   Gives light, beautiful free flowing hair even after 
                        Manufacture by:       Marico Industies Ltd. 52

7.          New Nyle Active Herbal Shampoo
                         Ingredients :           Tulsi,  Amla
                                                         Henna,  Aloe
                         Uses :                      Naturally nourish and moist arise hair.
                         Aloe vera extract :  It penetrate deep into the hair shaft and restore 
                                                        much needled to it.         
                         Manufacture by:      M. G. Shahani and Co. ( Delhi ) Ltd.
                         Marketed by and
                         Trade mark owened 
                         By  :                        Cavinkare Private Ltd. 52

8.          Herbal Powder Hair Dye                      
                   Natural Super Vasmol black Amla
                            Ingredients :         Amla,  Bhringraj,
                                                         Mahendi, Jatamansi and Jasvant
                            Uses :                    Blacken the hair without them falling.
                            Amla, Bhringraj:  Used for revitalizing and darking hair.
                                                         Used as a hair oil and prevent dandruff.
                           Mahendi, Jatamansi,
                            Jasvant  :                It nourish and conditioning the hair to make it
                                                          look shine and lustrous.
                            Manufacture by :    Hygienic Research Institute. 52

9.          Godrej Nupur Henna  (100 % Natural Mehendi )
                             Ingredients :         Amla,  Bhringraj,
                                                         Mahendi, Brahmi
                            Uses – Mehendi :  Conditioner, Excellent colourant
                            Amla :                    It promoting hair growth and helps in darkening
                            Brahmi:                  It promotes hair growth.
                            Manufacture by :    M / S Satguru Enterprise. 52

10.        Dabur Amla Hair Oil
                            Ingredients :            Amla in oil
                            Use:                         It promotes hair growth,
                                                            Also darkening hair.
                             Manufacture by :     Dabur India Ltd.
                                                             Made in India. 52

11.          Dabur Vatica Enriched   ( Coconut oil  )
                   Pure Coconut oil with Henna, Amla, Lemon
                            Ingredients :            Each 100 ml contains :-
                                                          - Mehendi leaves ( Henna ) -     0.10 g 
                                                          - Amla dru fruit  -                      0.10 g
                                                          - Lemon oil  -                            0.005 ml
                                                          - Brahmi plant  -                        0.30 g
                                                          - Neem leaves -                         0.30 g
                                                          - Harare dru fruit  -                   0.10 g
                                                          - Bahera drug  -                         0.10 g
                                                          - Nariyal oil  -                            upto 100 ml
                           Uses :                      Ensure deep oil penetration to give hair and scalp 
                                                           complete nourishment for problem free healthy hair.
                           Henna :                   Along with other herbs coats the hair. 
                                                            Protect hairs from oxidation and maintaining its                                                                              
                                                            natural colour.
                           Amla :                    Strenghthen the roots of hair to help maintain their
                                                           health and natural thickness. 
                           Lemon :                   Astringent action of lemon controls sebum flow 
                                                           helping to prevent dandruff. 52

12.         Black  Rose - hair colour  Burgandi 6.7.
                           Ingredient :                Natural Henna,
                          Uses :                         Black rose unveils and exclusive usage of henna
                                                             based natural hair colour to enhance your natural 
                                                             looks safely and gently.
                                                           - This perfect blend of Henna, Amla, Shikakai and 
                                                             other herbs adds extra softness and luster to your 
                                                             Hair and leaves it smooth and silky.
                                                           - Giving long lasting protection and a better grey 
                         Email at  :-                  henna @ vsnl. com 52

13.          Pure Maka Mahabhringraj Oil
                            Ayurvedic  Medicine
                         Ingredient :                 Each 100 gm contains :-   
                                                           - Coconut oil                     50 %
                                                           - Sesame oil ( Til )             50 %
                                                           - Eclipta oil                        20 g
                                                           - Bacopa monniera             10 g
                                                           - Terminalia chebula            1 g
                                                           - Terminalia belerica            1 g
                                                           - Emblica officinalis            1 g
                                                           - Cyprus rotundus                1 g
                                                           - Kachora                             1 g
                                                           - Psoralia corylifolia            1 g
                                                           - Nardostachys jatamansi    250 mg
                                                           - Hedychium spicatum        250 mg
                                                           - Rosa centifolia                  250 mg
                                                           - Vetiveria quizanoids         250 mg
                         Uses :                       Stops graying, falling, whitening of hair.
                                                        - Cure dandruff. As a hair tonic. 

14.        Parachut  Jasmine  Perform  Non – Sticky Coconut Hair Oil                                                              
                         Ingredients :              - Coconut oil
 - Perfumed hair oil
                         Use :                          Healthy and beautiful hair.
                         Manufacture by :        Marico Industries Ltd.

List of plants according to disorder of hair

1.AbrusAbrus  precatorius Linn.Leaves
2.DaturaDatura alba Nees Seed
3.JasmineJasminum grandiflorum Linn.Leaves, flower
4.Nerium  Mill.Leaves
5.NyctanthesNyctanthes arbor- tristis L.Seeds 
6.TrichosanthesTrichosanthes dioica Roxb.Leaves
7.Black cuminNigella sativa Linn.Seed
8.MarigoldCalendula officinalisLeaves
9.BantamSerenoa repensDried fruits

1.AbrusAbrus precatorius Linn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Leaves
2.BetulaBetula utilis D.Don.Leaves
3.CannabisCannabis sativa L. Leaves
4.EuphorbiaEuphorbia thymifolia Linn.Root
5.LawsoniaLawsonia inermis Linn.Seed, Leaves
6.MangiferaMangifera indica Linn.Fruit, Tender leaves
7.NyctantesNyctanthes arbor- tristis L.Seed
8.PapaverPapaver somniferum Linn.Seed
9.SalixSalix alba Linn.Roots, Leaves
10.UrticaUrtica dioica Linn.                                                                                       Leaves
11.ShikakaiAcacia concinna DC.Fruit
12.OliveOlea europaea Linn.Oil
13.Cedar wood                                                                                                                                                     Juniperus virginianaOil
14.AnjirFicus carica Linn.Fruit pulp

1.AbrusAbrus precatorius Linn.Leaves
2.CedrusCedrus deodara (Roxb) LoudOil, Resin
3.IndigoferaIndigofera tinctiria Linn. Leaves
4.JasmineJasminum grandiflorum Linn.Leaves, Flower
5.MallotusMallotus philippensis (Lam.) Muell. Arg.Gland of the fruit
6.OroxylumOroxylum indicum Vent.Leaves
7.PongamiaPongamia pinnata (L.) Merr.Seed and Leaves as a Oil
8.TerminaliaTerminalia bellirica Roxb.Fruit
9.OliveOlea europea Linn.Oil
10.BurdockArctium lappaLeaves

1.AloeAloe barbadensis Mill.Leaf juices
2.BetulaBetula utilis D. Don.Leaves
3.ColchicumColchicum autumnale Linn.Corm
4.DaturaDatura alba Nees.Seed
5.EcliptaEclipta alba HaskWhole plant
6.EmblicaEmblica officinalis GaertnFruit
7.EuphorbiaEuphorbia thomsoniana Boiss.Latex, Roots
8.GlycyrrhizaGlycyrrhiza glabra Linn.Roots
9.HedychiumHedychium spicatum Buch-HamLeaves
10.HibiscusHibiscus rosa- sinesis Linn.Flower
11.HypericumHypericum perforatum Linn. Whole plant
12.IndigoferaIndigofera tinctoria Linn.Leaves
13.LawsoniaLawsonia inermis Linn.Leaves, Seeds
14.NardostachysNardostachys jatamansi. DC.Roots, Rhizomes
15.OroxylumOroxylum indicum VentLeaves
16.PandanusPandanus fascicularis Lam.Flower, Root
17.PterocarpusPterocarpus marsupium Roxb.Heartwood, Flowers
18.SesamumSesamum indicum Linn.Seed, Oil
19.TerminaliaTerminalia arjunaBark
20.VitexVitex negundo Linn.Leaves 
21.WithaniaWithania somnifera (Linn.) DunalRoot
22.AcaciaAcacia nilotica (L.) Del.Leaves, Fruits
23.KhurmaPhoenix dactylifera Linn.Leaves, Fruits
24.MyrrhCommiphora myrrh (Nees.) Engl.Oil
25.NeemAzadirachta indica A. JussLeaves, Seed oil
26.ReethaSapindus mukorossiFruit
27.SennaCassia angustifolia Vahl.Leaves
28.OliveOlea europaea Linn.Oil
29.FenugreekTrigonella foenumgraecum Linn.Oil
30.Camphor oilCinnamonum camphoraOil
31.Cedar woodJuniperus virginiana Linn.Oil
32.Lavender oilLavandula officinalis Linn.Oil
33.SageSalvia officinalis Linn.Oil
34.Common MyrtleMyrtus communisOil
35.Madder woodArtemisia absinthiumWhole plant
36.BadamPrunus amygdalusSeed & Oil
37.Mastic treePistacia lenticusResin
38.Chick PeaCicer arientiumSeed
39.AnjirFicus carica Linn.Fruit pulp
40.MungPhaseolus radiatusSeed
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