Advantages and Disadvantage of Parenteral Administered

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Parenteral drug delivery, especially intravenous injection, can gain easy access to the systemic circulation with complete drug absorption and therefore reach the site of drug action Rapidly.

Advantages of Parenteral Administration

1.    An immediate physiological response can be achieved if necessary, which can be of    prime consideration in clinical condition such as 
       cardiac arrest, astharna and shock .
2.    Parenteral therapy is required for drugs that are not effective orally or that are
       destroyed by digestive secretions such as insulin other hormones and antibiotics.
3.    Drug for uncooperative, nauseous or unconscious patients must he administered by injection.
4.    When desirable, parenteral therapy gives the physician control of the drug since the patient must return for continued treatment, also in
       some cases the patient cannot be relied upon to take oral administration.
5.    Parenteral administration can results in local effect for drugs when desired., as in dentistry and  anesthesiology.
6.    In case in which prolonged drug action is wanted, parenteral Forms are available, including the long intrartially and the long acting     
      penecillins administered deep intra muscularly.
7.    Parenteral therapy provides the means of correcting serious disturbances of fluid and    electronic balances.
8.    When food cannot be taken by mouth, total nutritional requirement can be supplied by the parenteral route.

Disadvantage of Parenteral Administered

1.    The dosage form must be administered by trained personnel and require more time
       than those administered by other routes.
2.    Parenteral administration requires strict adherence to aseptic procedures, and some
       pain on injection is inevitable.
3.    It is difficult to reverse its physiological effect.
4.    The manufacturing and packaging requirements, parenteral dosage forms are more
        expensive than preparations of given by other routes.

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