Tablet Punch Press Operating Procedures

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Tablet Punch Press Safety and Operating Procedures, Tablet Punching Machine


Note: No operators are to set up or operate any press without adequate training,for both the presses and the tooling. Level I press training module when successfully completed gives the operator the authorization to operate presses.

The level II training modules when successfully completed gives the operator the authorization to set-up and operate the press. There are no exceptions to this statement.

All operators are to receive the required training for the tooling they are to use .Punch plates as well. If at any time an operator feels uncomfortable with the machine or tooling they are to operate. Immediately contact their supervisor.

1. Wear gloves when operating the punch press.
2. When reaching into the press for the purpose of changing punch/die or for the purpose of making internal adjustment, it is mandatory to
    use a die stop block and or stop the flywheel.
3. When leaving the machine unattended the press operator must turn off the main press control.
4. Keep your hands clear of the machine while cycling. Whenever placing or removing parts from pinch points, if possible, use a tool to avoid
    placing your hands in the pinch point zone.
5. Before operating, make sure all guards are in place and make sure all adjustment bolts are tight.
6. Hand controls must be used whenever possible.
7. Your foot must be completely removed from the pedal box after completing each cut, on machines that are not equipped with light curtains
    or other safe guards.
8. Be aware of location of foot control to prevent double or accidental cycle.

1. Check for slug clearance under the die set before clamping.
2. Double-check that all clamps are tight before running the press, even if you did not set it up. After changing punches and dies, set the 
    press to jog, to check the clearance and alignment. Set tonnage control.
3. Check that adequate hardware was used for set-up.
4. Check the stoppers and clamps frequently to maintain quality and eliminate mistakes.
5. Ensure striker plate is installed whenever running punch plates.

1. The press must be at the bottom of the stroke before placing the die set in the press. Any After clamping a die set, cycle the press to top dead center before adjusting the shut height.

Never use the slide motor (under load) for adjusting from bottom dead center.

2. Be sure stock material is against stopper before cycling press.

3. Remove all light curtain blockers that are not needed for the job you are doing. Use the minimum amount of blockers for each job. Remove
   all light curtain blockers when using punch plates that require none.

4. Always ensure that previous material/work piece is removed from the die set or punch plate before proceeding to prevent machine, tooling 
   and personal damage.
5. Never attempt to punch more then one part at a time.

6. Don’t stack parts on the press bed higher than 6". Parts must be placed on a piece of 11 gauge material.
7. Do not attempt to remove parts that are stuck in the tooling, by repetitive cycling of the press. This can damage the tooling and possibly
   cause personal injury.
8. Always put your tools back after you set-up. Practice good housekeeping at all times.

(Komatsu press only)

The following are the current die sets/tooling, which are to be set up using this method. Any tooling set up using this method and not included in this procedure will be subject to corrective discipline.

FH-651-01, HM-390-01, ND-850-02

1. Set slide adjustment as high as it will go.
2. Load die-set.
3. Bring ram down to bottom dead center.
4. Tighten the bolts.
5. Raise the ram.
6. Adjust the shut height and proceed with operation.
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