Tablet Coating Machine -Operation & Features

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Tablet coating machine is used for sugar and film coating of tablets, pallets, granules etc.Sugar Coating / Film Coating:1.Auto Coater:2.Coating Pan:

Tablet Coating (cGMP, With Hot Air Blower & Separate Electric Control Panel)

Tablet Coating Machine with Mobile Hot Air Blower

Tablet Coating Machine Mobile Hot Air Blower

Tablet coating machine is used for sugar and film coating of tablets, pallets, granules etc.

   Sugar Coating / Film Coating:

  • Auto Coater:
  • Coating Pan:

Auto Coater: Auto Coater is provided with auto cleaning system, washing and rinsing equipment, equipped with spray nozzle, liquid discharge and perfect drainage system.

  • 2 Bar S.S. 316/304 Construction
    Complies to GMP regulation with close dimensional tolerance and free of cracks and crevices.
  • Full Range of Coating Application
    Aqueous .Solvent
    Sugar Spray Gun configuration optimize the coating process.
  • Precission Solution Spray System
    Removable spray gun bar with solution tank highly accurate perisatic pump and imported spray guns.
  • Automated Process Control
    PLC control system for comprehensive controlling and recording of all key processing parameters
  • Safety and Environmental Protection
    Auto-coater is provided with special device to arrest all the powders as well as escaped coating material, neutralize the solvent gases, absolute air tight operation and no pollution in the production environment.
  • Highly Efficient Process
    Air Flow The unique perforated pan design utilizes a totally enclosed, highly efficient airflow system for maximum drying uniformity and minimum process air usage.
  • Fast And Easy Cleaning
    C.I.P System
  • Material Handling System
    Automated unloading system.
Inlet Air Unit

Exhaust Air Unit

  • Prefilter
  • Fine Filter
  • Pre balanced air in SS construction
  • Air heating Battery
  • SS Filter
  • Steam & Pressure indicators on fixed SS ducts
  • Auto/manual dampers for air volume regulation and sugar/film applications.
  • High pressure, pre balanced fan
  • Air volume control auto/manual dampers
  • Interlock temperature & pressure indicators
  • Quick clamps for easy removal/ dismantling leading to faster changeovers and cleanups for GMP
  • Optional wet/bag type scrubbing/ dedusting units available with solvent recovering systems


  • In built CIP system
  • FLP electrical construction
  • Touch Screen, interactive, programmable electronic panel with graphic display
  • Scrubber for exhaust

Also available the entire range of equipments for powder preparation, capsulation and sterilisation and tabletting injectables and topicals and packaging.

Coating Pan: In the process of coating tablets and confectionaries, the personal skill of the coater needs to be supplementedby a correctly designed, versatile coating pan. The standard pan is elliptical in shape, mounted at 30° angle. Pans in other geometrical shapes and mounting angles, as per requirement, are also manufactured. RPM of the pan is variable. Hot air blower thermostat controlled, to deliver required quantity of air at selected temperatures between 40°C to 80°C is provided.


  • In the Tablet Coating Machine, the Coating Pan can be mounted on Motor Drive unit via efficient worm Universal Gear (UG), which permits Coating pan to be held at any angle up to 45° with reduction in speed. 
  • A combined fan & motor unit together with an attached heating unit make up the hot air blower.
  • Totally enclosed and running in an oil bath.
  • Facility of drying attachment with adjustable height
  • The maximum operational capacity is 30 % of coating pan volume.
  • The flexible and adjustable air flow pipe allows for suitable positioning in the pan and easy withdrawal for loading or unloading.
  • The flow of air in this unit is not controlled by the speed of the pan; the hot or cold air can be blown as required.
  • The coating pan is suitable for screwing on all main drives.
  • Interlocked electrical circuit so that heaters can be operated only after blowers are made ‘ON’ to avoid burning of heaters.
  • Protection plates prevent oil escaping and dust and syrup from entering the bearing.
  • Mechanical timer can be incorporated as optional attachment.
  • Needs no foundation; can be installed on properly pre-levelled floor.
  • Compact hot air blower with inlet air damping arrangement through filter.
  • Easy mounting arrangement for change over from Coating Pan to Polishing Pan

Other models available with :-
Titling mechanism to adjust angle of pan-polishing pan with canvas lining with quick and easy mounting on to drive hub.

OPTIONAL: GMP models available with all contact parts in AISI 316 quality and mild steelcast iron parts outside cladded with AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

 Fully Automatic Tablet Counting & Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Tablet Coating Machine

  • Fully Automatic Tablet Counting & Filling Machine is suitable for counting and filling hard gelatin capsules, soft gels, coated tablets, tablets, bean or ball shaped objects, round pills and other solid material.
  • It accurately senses all shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels and clear soft gels.
  • Change over from one set of filling parts to another and from one object-shape to another can be done in a few minutes. Tablet and Capsules are counted using filling or counting tracks.
  • The counter series adopts three step vibration plates to in feed tablets or capsules; vibrating frequency is adjustable for quick and stable in feeding.
  • Bottle is positioned by cylinder to ensure accuracy positioning prior to filling. Dynamic photoelectric detecting technique, accurate counting.
  • Gate array technique of high reliability and computer controlled.
  • Tablet Counting & Filling Machine with PLC interface operates extremely simple and easy to maintain and clean.

  Semi Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

Semi Automatic Tablet Coating Machine

  • Semi automatic tablet counting machines assume an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Semi Automatic Counting Machine is very useful to Pack Tablets and Capsules in Loose form. 
  • Semi automatic tablet counting machine is very simple, maintenance free for high accuracy.
  • High speed counters ensure 100% accuracy and are suitable for all types of tablets. The High speed counter of Tablet Counting Machine is equipped with vibratory feeder to align the products for transporting them from the product hopper to the detection unit.
  • In the detection unit, products are scanned and counted with accuracy.
  • An additional equipment such as Dust extraction and collection equipment provide an efficient way of removing capsule dust and other particles.
  • Air operated cylinders in the machine collect and fills the accurate number of products into containers. A specially designed nozzle helps the chance of product spillage.
  • High technology counters also have process monitoring sensors and product reject system.
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box for long life smooth operation of Semi Automatic Tablet Counting Machine.

Pan Size: 30”/36”/42”/48”/60”/66”

Application & Process:

The Prism’s advanced high efficiency automated tablet coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Featuring mechatronis and confirming to the requirement of cGMP. It is a high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean equipment for film and sugar coating of tablets, Pills and candies with organic film, aqueous coating and sugar film etc.

Prism Tablet Coating Machine

Automatic Tablet Coater is designed for the application of: Film Coating with organic solvent and aqueous coating Sugar Coating
Working Principle:
The tablet to be coated make continuous complicated orbital motion the closed rotating Drum under the action of a streamline of Baffles. During the motion coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot filtered air supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablets core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film on tablet. The whole process is finished under the automatic by PLC Controls with touch screen Interface.
-Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
-Our Domain Buy Service can help you get it.
-Fully automatic film & sugar coating process by PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen.
-Flexible batch operations
-Complete separation of production and technical area
-Extremely user friendly software and operation through PLC
-The machine structure made from S.S.304 quality fitted with Closed Drive, Perforated Pan, Washing sink, Inlet air plenum,Exhaust air          plenum with Air tight door.
-Perforated pan with 50% opening for better quality finish.
-Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of removable on each sloping face of the pan and anti sliding baffles provided on perforated diagonal face.

-Perforated Pan having variable speed through AC frequency Drive.
-Pan mouth closed with Stainless steel door with a glass for process visualization.
-A stainless steel 316 sinks at bottom of pan for collection of powder with necessary stainless steel piping with tri-clover joints for ease of cleaning during the changeover.
-FLP Fluorescent Light is provided for illumination inside the pan
-All doors, safety guards and covers are provided with a silicon food grade seals
-Automatic Spraying systems provided with Atomized spray Gun, Adjustable spray gun arms, High precise flow peristaltic pump, solution holding tank with pneumatic stirrer
-Front Entry stainless steel arm, with facility to adjust the angle of spray guns is provided.
-Inlet air and Exhaust air plenum provided with silicon seal with easy removable for cleaning.

-Inlet air and outlet air will be controlled by pneumatic operated damper which is provided on top of the machine and at inlet and outlet duck.
-Inlet air and Exhaust air flow controls through AC Frequency drive of both blower.
-Inlet Air handling unit made from double screen insulated with puff with inside stainless steel 304 quality and outside powder coated. The     Inlet air handling units fitted with Pre filter- 10 micron, Inlet air blower with motor, Dehumiditifier- child water circulation coil, Stainless steel 304 quality Steam/ Electric heat exchanger with fins, Final filter with 5 micron, HEPA filter -0.3 micron.
-Exhaust Air handling unit provided with dust collection system with 5 micron filter or wet scrubber and exhaust blower. The Exhaust air dust collector unit is made from .S.S.304 Quality.

-Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operation.
-The Entire Inlet Air handler and Exhaust air unit to be install in technical service area.
-Tablet discharging facility will be through the special diverter assembly
-Advanced CIP /WIP System is provided for pan internal by sprying ball and outer washing by spraying nozzle both side. The complete system will operate and controls through machine PLC for washing cycle for Plain water, Detergent, Hot water, Distilled water and Drying by air.
-All motor are flam proof/ Explosion proof provided.
-Advance PLC Controls system with HMI- color Touch screen provided of Allen Bradley/ Siemens make for complete automatic coating process and batch data receipt management . Also option for SCADA connectivity with FDA 21 CFR part 11
-The machine instruction manual and Validation document provided for DQ, FAT, IQ, SAT and OQ with test and calibration certificate.
Optional Features:
    Interchangeable Pan
      Solid Pan for confectionery products.
      Wet Scrubber
      Dry Dust Collector
      Steam or Electric Heat Exchanger.
      Tablets charging by bin loader.
      SCADA Connectivity.






ACM 60”

Coating Pan Size

30” Dia

36” Dia

42” Dia

48” Dia

60 “ Dia

Volumetric Cap.

45 Ltr

75 Ltr

125 Ltr

185 Ltr

300 Ltr

Max. RPM






Main Drive Motor

2. H.P. / 1.5 KW. 960 RPM, 3 PHASE , 415 VOLTS, 50 HZ

7.5. H.P. / 5.5 KW. 960 RPM, 3 PHASE , 415 VOLTS, 50 HZ

Blower Motor

0.37 KW/ 0.5 KW, 2800RPM, 3Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz

Electric heater

6 KW

6 KW

6 KW

6 KW

10 KW

Operation Feature
•    The machine is having study structure of square SS square pipes. Base plate is of MS having SS cladding. It is very much easy for
•    Electric motor & Gear box are directly coupled.
•    Coating pan is mounted directly on Gear box shaft, having convenient mounting angle of 300.
•    Coating Pan is designed to give quality coating of Tablets.
•    Coating pan is made of SS 304 (SS 316 Optional)
•    Fixed Baffles are provided in coating pan (optionally) to facilitate the tablet mixing during the coating operation which helps in achieving
     uniform tablet finish.
•    Separate hot air blower unit of adequate heating element is provided with temperature controller.
•    For main motor drive AC variable frequency drive is provided with the machine.
•    The MACHINE is having separate Electric control panel.
•    Separate polishing pan also can be provided.
•    72” Also Available,
•    Polishing Pan, Baffles, Thermostat control (Optional)
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