Double Cone Blender - Operating Procedure

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To lay down a standard operating procedure for Double cone Blender.


To lay down a standard operating procedure for Double cone Blender.

This procedure provides a standard method to operate and handle the Double cone Blender.

 Machine operator.
 Senior Chemist.
 Head - Production.

Double Cone Blender

4.1. Make sure that Line clearance is duly checked and signed by QA Personal as per SOP No:P/P/048
4.2. Check and make sure that Double cone blender has been autoclaved.
4.3. Adjust the angle of the blender with the help of a moving wheel to a required position for convenience in loading the materials.
4.4. Load the materials from the container to the blender as per the sequence specified in the individual Batch Manufacture Record (BMR).
4.5. After loading the materials, close the lid of the blender.
4.6. Put the safety pin on the lid and fit it properly within its groove. Lock the blender lid by moving the wheel in clockwise direction.
4.7. Before starting the operation, ensure that the lid and the safety pin lock has been assembled properly.
4.8. Put the safety guard before commencement of the operation.
4.9. Switch on the equipment and note down the starting time.
4.10. Blend the material as per the time specified in the individual BMR.
4.11. To unload the material, Ensure that the equipment is put off.
4.12. Remove the safety guard.
4.13. Adjust the position of the blender at the required angle for convenience in unloading the materials.
4.14. Unlock the safety pin and remove the lid from the blender.
4.15. Unload the blended materials.

• Use latex gloves elbow size during loading and unloading of materials.
• Before loading of the materials, ensure that the inner and outer surface of the drum blender is cleaned & sterilized as per the standard procedure respectively.
• During blending operation attach status label to the drum blender specifying the name of the product, Batch no.,Mfg Date., and Expy Date along with signature of production manager.

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Thumb up to this article. Great operating procedure for operating of Double cone blender / Double Cone mixer.

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