Tablet Punching Machine Cleaning Procedure

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Tablet Punching Machine,SOP of Tablet Punching Machine,SOP of Tablet Punching Machine.


As soon as the compression of a particular batch is used, transfer the punched goods to packing and disconnect the electrical supply to the machine and carefully dismantle the following parts.

Feed hopper, Acrylic guards, feed frames, turret guards, corer plate of the worn shaft nylon break plugs along with the spray steel strips, die screws tablet collecting chutes dust collecting wood assemblies.

Clean all the above mentioned parts along with relevant bolts thoroughly with hot tap water and keep them aside.

Cleaning procedure for Punches, dies and machine :

Remove carefully all the lower punches by removing the plug and keep these punches in a specially designed wooden tray, serially arranged, similarly remove all the upper punches and keep them in a separate wooden tray serially arranged, remove all the dies with the help of a SS rod and keep them serially arranged in one of the above trays.

Clean the exterior portion of the machine by wiping it with a lint free duster soaked in special denatured spirit.

Clean all the interior areas of the machine like base plate on which the turret is fitted, camtracks, die seats, upper and lower punch holes, turret surface, first with a dry nylon brush and then with special denatured spirit.

Precaution: While cleaning punch holes turret surface and die seats ensure that they are free from any particulate matter.
Clean the entire area by vacuum cleaner.

Take about 2 liters of hot tap water, 10% teepol mixture and clean all the punches by dipping each in hot water teepol mixture and then clean thoroughly with hot tap water and after cleaning all the punches and dies should be put serially in the clean wooden trays meant for storing them.

Use 15 liters of distilled water and give couple of washes to the cleaned parts and the dismantled punches and dies. Inspect the final rinse water for presence of any suspended matter. If it contains any suspended matter repeat the washing until rinse water is free from suspended matter.

Wipe all the cleaned parts with clean dry lint free clothe.

Precaution : Before filling all the dies ensure that they are free from any foreign matter.

Plug the required product die face downwards on the die hole, apply light pressure with fingers on the top phase of the die and place it centrally over the die hole. After setting the die correctly, drive the die into its position with the help of SS rod introduced through the upper punch guide holes. Once the die is fitted, the top position of the die should flush with the turret surface. Now introduce all the screw and tighten again check whether the die surface flush with the turret surface.

Take a lower punch, wipe it dry, smear with liquid paraffin and introduce it through the lower punch die hole, while doing it so ensure that each numbered punches goes into its corresponding compression station. All the lower punches thus introduced should move freely up and down place the plug back into its position. Fix all the cleaned and dried nylon plugs with spring steel strips.

The cleaned and dried upper punches should be smeared with liquid paraffin and introduce into their corresponding holes
Assemble the cleaned dust collecting hood assemblies

Cover the cleaned machine with a clean cloth cover and affix “CLEAN & READY FOR USE” label on the machine.

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