Moisture Balance - Operation & Calibration

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To lay down a procedure for cleaning, calibration & Operation of the Analytical moisture balance.


To lay down a procedure for cleaning, calibration & Operation of the Analytical moisture balance.


Production Officer / QA chemist.

Production Executive .

5.1 Cleaning
5.2 Calibration
5.3 Operation
5.4 Shut down.

Moisture Balance

5.1 Cleaning

5.1.1 Ensure that the power supply to be moisture balance is switched off before cleaning.

5.1.2 Lift the body & clean inside of the moisture balance with brush.

5.1.3 Clean the out side of the moisture balance with clean & dry lint free duster every day.

5.2 Calibration

5.2.1 Frequency of calibration. Frequency daily & after each maintenance job.

5.2.2 Self calibration procedure. Clean the balance as per procedure given in 5.1 Check that air bubble is at the center of the level indicator & if required adjust the level by turning the leveling screws. Place a aluminum dish on Switch on the moisture balance and allow it to stabilize for 30 minutes. Press the ‘Ca ‘ button. After a few seconds the display should read 100.000 gms, then place a std. 100.000 gms wt on aluminum dish, then it denotes 0.000 gms that denotes the end of self calibration. Incase of display ‘error’ tare & press cal repeat the procedure to ensure 0.000 gms.

5.2.3 Calibration against standards weights Clean the balance as per procedure given in 5.1 Check the weight of the standard weights.

1.000 gms 0.500 gms 0.200 gms 0.100 gms. Records the observations in calibration record. If the variation is more than the least count label the balance ‘ out of order’. Error must be rectified and balance should be calibrated before use.

5.3 Operation

5.3.1 Ensure that moisture balance is properly connected to the power supply.

5.3.2 Check that the air bubble of level indicator is at the center, and if required adjust the level by turning the leveling screws.

5.3.3 Switch on the main switches , then moisture balance displays 0.000 gms.

5.3.4 Place a clean aluminum dish and press tare button on the bar to tare the aluminum dish weight. This display should record 0.000 gms.

5.3.5 Place approx. 2.000 gms of powder on aluminum dish and close the main body.

5.3.6 Set the temperature by pressing temperature key.

5.3.7 Then press START button.

5.3.8 Wait till % of moisture display on the balance.

5.4 Shut down

5.4.1 Clean the moisture balance as per procedure given in 5.1

5.4.2 Switch off the balance.

5.4.3 Switch off the mains.

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