List of Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

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List of Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment
1ADME-Tox Screening System
2Amino Acid Analysis System / Amino Acid Analysis Instruments
3Automated Hit Picking Systems
4Automated Proteomics Workcell
5Biomolecular Interaction Analysis
6Automated Biomolecular Interaction Analyzer
7Dual Polarization Interferometer
8Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) 
9Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPR Imaging) 
10Blood Chemistry Analyzer / Blood Analyzers 
11Albumin Analyzers (Albumin Testing) 
12Automated Blood Gas Systems 
13Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer / Automated Biochemical Analyzer 
14Blood Bank Automation System / Automated Blood Bank System 
15Blood Gas Analyzers 
16Blood Lactate Analyzer / Blood Lactate Testing Equipment 
17Chemistry Analyzer / Clinical Chemistry Analyzers 
18External Quality Assessment (EQA) 
19HbA1c Analyzer / Hemoglobin Analyzer 
20Hematology Analyzers 
21Hemostasis Analyzer 
22Immunoassay Analyzer 
23Immunoassay System 
24Immunochemistry Analyzer 
25Laboratory Blood Glucose Analyzers 
26Cell Counters / Colony Counters 
27Automated Cell Counter
28Bacterial Colony Counters 
29Colony Counting Apparatus 
30Cell Disruptor 
31Cell Harvesting System 
32CO2 Transmitter / Carbon Dioxide Transmitter 
33Colony Picker 
34Disintegration Tester / Disintegration Apparatus 
35Dissolution Apparatus / Dissolution Tester 
36Dissolution Sampler / Dissolution Sampling System 
37Dissolved CO2 Meter / Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Analyzer 
38Electrophoresis Analysis 
39Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument
40Digital Gel Photography System / Gel Image Capture System
41Electrophoresis Power Supply
42Gel Electrophoresis Instrument 
43Offgel Fractionator/ Offgel Electrophoresis System 
44UV Transilluminator 
45Flow Cytometry 
46Automated Flow Cytometry System 
47Flow Cytometer 
48Friability Tester / Friability Test Apparatus 
49Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC MS Instrument) 
50Gas Chromatography Equipment 
51Gas Chromatograph / GC System (GC Instruments) 
52Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC MS Instrument) 
53GC / GC MS Software 
54GC Autosampler / GC Headspace Autosampler 
55GC Fraction Collector
56GC Gas Regulators / High Purity Gas Regulator 
57Multidimensional Gas Chromatography (MDGC / GCxGC) 
58Portable GC MS 
59Glass Bead Autoclave 
60Glass Bead Sterilization / Laboratory Glass Bead Sterilizer 
61Hyperspectral Image Analysis
62Chemical Imaging Systems (NIR / Raman) 
63Hyperspectral Camera / Hyperspectral Imaging Systems
64Immunoblotting Equipment 
65Blot Strip Cutter
66Inhalation Exposure System / Aerosol Inhalation Chamber 
67Laboratory and Industrial Freezers 
68Cryogenic Refrigerator / Cryofreezer 
69Cryogenic Shippers / Cryoshipper 
70Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer 
71Liquid Nitrogen Canister / Liquid Nitrogen Dewar 
72Liquid Nitrogen Freezer / LN2 Freezers 
73minus 20 freezer (-20C to -40C Freezers)
74minus 80 Freezer (-86 Freezer) 
75Plasma Freezer / Blood Bank Freezer 
76Tissue Freezer
77Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (ULT Freezers) 
78Laboratory Animal Monitoring 
79Animal Pulse Oximeters 
80Animal Temperature Probe 
81Animal Ventilator 
82Animal Warmers
83Blood Pressure Systems / Blood Pressure Monitor 
84Capnograph / Capnography Monitor 
85Lab Animal Exercise / Walking System 
86Laboratory Animal Anesthesia System 
87Physiological Monitor 
88Laboratory Freeze Dryer 
89Laboratory Hoods 
90Cage Changing Hoods 
91Cell Processing Work Station 
92Forensic Workstation / Forensic Hood 
93Glove Boxes 
94IVF Workstation 
95Laboratory Fume Hoods 
96Laminar Flow Hoods / Biological Safety Cabinets 
97PCR Workstation / PCR Cabinet 
98Reverse Flow Workstations 
99Laboratory Incubators 
100CO2 Incubator / Cell Culture Incubator 
101Dry Bath Incubator / Dry Block Heater 
102Hybridization Incubator 
103Hypoxia Incubator / Hyperoxia Incubators 
104Hypoxic Chamber 
105Incubators and Microbiology Incubators 
106Insect Growth Chamber 
107Laboratory Bioreactor / Cell Culture Bioreactor (Fermentor) 
108Laboratory Test Chambers / Stability Chambers 
109Modular Incubation Chamber (Incubator Chamber) 
110Plant Incubator / Environmental Growth Chambers  
111Radioactivity Containment Incubator
112Refrigerated Incubator 
113Refrigerated Incubator Shakers 
114Rodent Incubators
115Roller Bottle Incubator / Roller Bottle Apparatus (8)
116Shaking Incubator / Incubator Shakers (47)
117Single Use Bioreactor (6)
118Vortex Mixer (Incubator) (3)
119Water Jacketed Incubator (8)
120Laboratory Pumps (173)
121Continuous Flow Pump (3)
122Hazardous Location Pump (5)
123High Pressure Syringe Pumps (10)
124Laboratory Liquid Aspiration System (8)
125Laboratory Peristaltic Pump (11)
126Laboratory Vacuum Pumps (99)
127Liquid Pumps (25)
128Metering Pumps (15)
129Syringe Infusion Pump / Laboratory Infusion Pump (6)
130Syringe Pump / Programmable Syringe Pump (25)
131Laboratory Spray Dryer (2)
132Laboratory Sterilization Equipment (33)
133Agar sterilizer / Media Sterilizer (4)
134Autoclave Sterilizer / Laboratory Autoclaves (22)
135Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) System / Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) Systems (1)
136Dry Heat Sterilizer / Dry Heat Oven (2)
137Laboratory Steam Sterilizer (6)
138UV Chamber (1)
139Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC MS Instrument) (16)
140Liquid Handling Equipment (226)
141Automated Petri Dish Filler / Agar Plate Pourer (8)
142Automated Pharmaceutical Formulation Systems (3)
143Automated Solid Phase Extraction System (SPE System) (8)
144Automated TLC Spotting System (TLC Spotter) (1)
145Automated Vial Filling Machine (1)
146Laboratory Burette / Bottletop Burettes (3)
147Laboratory Dispensers / Lab Dispenser (19)
148Laboratory Liquid Aspiration System (8)
149Liquid Handling Robotics (Automated Systems) (50)
150Microplate Dispenser / Multichannel Pipetting System (Automated Pipetting) (23)
151Microplate Stacker / Microplate Handler (8)
152Microplate Washer / ELISA Plate Washer (18)
153Pipettes / Micropipettes (91)
154Mass Spectrometers (74)
155Clinical Mass Spectrometry / Clinical Diagnostics Mass Spectrometer (50)
156Electrospray Ionization Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (10)
157Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP MS) (6)
158Maldi TOF Mass Spectrometer (MALDI TOF MS) (11)
159Mass Spectrometers (by Ion Source) (50)
160Mass Spectrometers (by Mass Analyzer) (51)
161Mass Spectrometers (by Systems) (25)
162Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS) (5)
163Thermal Evolved Gas Analyzer / Mass Spectrometer (EGA-MS) (2)
164Mechanical Microdissection System / Piezo Power Microdissection Systems (PPMD)  (2)
165Microarray Technology / Microarray Imaging (10)
166Hybridization Station / Microarray Hybridization  (3)
167Microarray Reader / Microarray Scanner (7)
168Microencapsulator (1)
169Microplate Instrumentation (207)
170Automated Microplate Labeler (2)
171Automated Microplate Seal Piercer (1)
172Automated Microplate Sealer (6)
173Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Processor  (1)
174ELISA System / ELISA Workstation (1)
175Fluorescent Plate Reader (16)
176Integrated Multi-Assay Workstation (1)
177Manual Microplate Sealer
178Microplate Capper (1)
179Microplate Centrifuge (12)
180Microplate Dispenser / Multichannel Pipetting System (Automated Pipetting) (23)
181Microplate Incubator Shaker (14)
182Microplate Reader / Microtiter Plate Reader (56)
183Microplate Reader Gas Control Module (1)
184Microplate Sealing Film (1)
185Microplate Stacker / Microplate Handler (8)
186Microplate Thawing Station (1)
187Microplate Transport System / Automated Microplate Mover (1)
188Microplate Washer / ELISA Plate Washer (18)
189Microplates / Microtiter Plate (31)
190Multimode Microplate Reader (28)
191Nephelometer / Microplate Nephelometry Reader  (2)
192Plate Luminometer / Luminescence Reader  (16)
193Tube Luminometer (7)
194Non-Invasive Carbon Dioxide Sensors (1)
195Non-Invasive pH Sensors (3)
196Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation (19)
197DNA Shearing Sonicator
198Next Gen Sequencing Library Construction / Fragment Library System (9)
199Nucleic Acid Purification Instruments
200Organic Synthesizer / Chemical Synthesizer (6)
201Oxygen Measurement / Oxygen Analysis (28)
202Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer / Dissolved Oxygen Monitor (10)
203Non-Invasive Oxygen Sensors (5)
204Oxygen Transmitter (6)
205Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter (7)
206Shake Flask Monitoring System / Multidish Monitoring Systems (2)
207Particle Analysis / Particle Characterization (109)
208Automatic Titrator / Autotitration (Autotitrator) (10)
209Chemisorption Analyzer (9)
210Magnetic Analyzer (Metallic Iron Analyzer) (1)
211Particle Analysis / Characterization Accessories (2)
212Particle Counting (Particle Counter) (4)
213Particle Imaging Systems (Particle Shape Analysis) (9)
214Particle Size Measurement / Particle Sizing Systems (58)
215Physisorption Analysis (28)
216Porisimeter (2)
217Surface Energy Analyzer (Inverse Gas Chromatograph) (1)
218Zeta Potential Analyzer (9)
219PCR Technology / PCR Systems (55)
220DNA Thermal Cycler / PCR Instrument (20)
221Gradient PCR Machine (6)
222PCR Workstation / PCR Cabinet (24)
223Real Time PCR Machine (qPCR Machine) (12)
224pH Transmitter (3)
225Physiology and Neurology Equipment (5)
226Brain Slice Chamber (2)
227Electrophysiology Equipment (3)
228Portable Laboratory Equipment / Field Testing Equipment (158)
229Hand Held TDS Meter / Portable TDS Meters (5)
230Leaf Area Meter / Portable Leaf Area Meters (3)
231Portable Balances (13)
232Portable Conductivity Meter (EC Meters) (13)
233Portable Density Meter / Handheld Density Meter (1)
234Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter (7)
235Portable Fume Extractor / Laboratory Fume Extractors (4)
236Portable Fume Hood (21)
237Portable GC MS (2)
238Portable pH Meter / Hand Held pH Meter (18)
239Portable Photosynthesis System  (3)
240Portable Raman Spectrometer (24)
241Portable Refractometer / Handheld Refractometers (16)
242Portable Spectrometer / Handheld Spectrometer (8)
243Portable TOC Analyzer (3)
244Portable Turbidity Meter (Portable Turbidimeter) (4)
245Portable Viscometer (14)
246Portable XRF Analyzer / Handheld XRF Analyzer (13)
247Soil Respiration / Soil CO2 FLux Systems (5)
248Powder Analysis (Powder Analyzer) (6)
249Powder Flow Tester / Powder Flow Analyzer (2)
250Powder Handling Equipment / Powder Dispensing Equipment (12)
251Automated Pharmaceutical Formulation Systems (3)
252Automated Powder Handling Systems (3)
253Laboratory Powder Dispenser / Benchtop Powder Dispensers (4)
254Powder Dispensing System / Semi-Automated Powder Dispensing Systems (1)
255Powder Flow Tester / Powder Flow Analyzer (2)
256Powder Pipette (1)
257Process Analyzer / Process Analysis (32)
258At-Line NIR Analyzer (11)
259Chromatography Process Analyzers
260In Situ Raman Spectrometer (11)
261NIR Analysis Software (1)
262Online NIR Analyzers / Inline NIR Analyzer (6)
263Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS) (5)
264Refractometer / Brix Refractometers (73)
265Abbe Refractometer (21)
266Automatic Refractometer  (27)
267Clinical Refractometer (8)
268Digital Refractometers (43)
269Portable Refractometer / Handheld Refractometers (16)
270TPN Refractometer / Total Parenteral Nutrition Refractometers  (1)
271Rheometers / Viscometers (73)
272Capillary Rheometer (3)
273Cone and Plate Rheometer (Cone Plate Rheometers) (7)
274Cone and Plate Viscometer (Cone Plate Viscometers) (4)
275Controlled Stress Rheometer (10)
276Dynamic Shear Rheometer (6)
277Falling Ball Viscometer / Falling Sphere Viscometers (3)
278Kreb Viscometer (1)
279Portable Viscometer (14)
280Rotational Rheometer (22)
281Rotational Viscometer / Rotary Viscometers (19)
282Viscometer / Digital Viscometer (29)
283Viscometer / Rheometer Accessories (15)
284Shake Flask Monitoring System / Multidish Monitoring Systems (2)
285Solid Phase Extraction Equipment (SPE Equipment) (56)
286Automated Solid Phase Extraction System (SPE System) (8)
287Extraction System Controller (2)
288Solvent Recovery System / Bench Top Solvent Recovery Systems (2)
289SPE Cartridge / Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges (18)
290SPE HPLC Systems (2)
291SPE Manifold (6)
292SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction) Syringe (6)
293Vacuum Evaporator / Vortex Evaporator (12)
294Transfection Technology (2)
295Microporator / Microporation (2)
296Ultrasonic Homogenizer / Laboratory Homogenizers (Sonicator) (18)
297Veterinary Test Kits / Veterinary Diagnostic Kits (1)

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I want lab equipment for establishing D.pharma lab.
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