Dry Syrup Filling and Sealing Machine

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1.    Objective:
To provide standard cleaning procedure of Dry Syrup Filling & Sealing Machine & its accessories.
2.    Scope:
2.1      This procedure covers dismantling cleaning and assembling of Dry Syrup Filling & Sealing Machine and its accessories.
2.2      Provides cleaning procedure if the cleaning validity not exceed 48 hours.
3.    Responsibility:
¯  Operator.
¯  Chemist.
¯  Production Manager.
¯  Q.A.Manager.

Dry Syrup Filling Machine
4.    Procedure:

4.1      Wash all parts of the Dry Syrup Filling & Sealing machine with 0.5%v/v Teepol solution and rinse with DM water.

4.2      After that clean  the machine with dry cloth.

4.3      Collect the washed water and send it to Quality Assurance to check the presence of any residual moiety.

4.4      After the approval of Quality Assurance, Put the status label as “Cleaned” and allow for drying.
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