Bacterial Colony Counter

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The purpose of this procedure is to describe the method of operation of Digital colony counter.


1.0 Purpose :
The purpose of this procedure is to describe the method of operation of Digital colony counter.

2.0 Scope :
This procedure applicable to Digital colony counter used in QC department (microbiology department)

3.0 Responsibility :
Manager QC & Microbiologist QC.

4.0 Procedure :

Bacterial Colony Counter

Ensure that the instrument is clean and kept in proper position.

Connect the instrument to the main power supply.

Switch on the instrument.

Place the petridish containing bacterial colonies on the wolffhuegel grid glass plate.

The instrument is provided with 100 mm diameter magnifying lens and auto pen marker which is fixed to 3 pin socket provided on right of Instrument.

Take the auto marker pen and mark each colony by pressing the pen tip and the Digital counter will start counting sequentially.

The counter can be set to zero by pressing the centre push button switch.

Counting can also be done manually without using pen marker by pressing the push button switch provided right hand side of the lower front of the panel.

The instrument displays four digit counter with beep sound for each counting.

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