BOD Incubator - Operation

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This SOP provides an authorized procedure for operation


This SOP provides an authorized procedure for operation

2.0 SCOPE :

This SOP cover the procedure for operation of B.O.D. Incubator used in microbiology department.




4.1.0 : Ensure that the equipment is clean and power is supplied through suitable voltage stabilizer of 1.5KV.
4.1.1 : Connect the equipment to the main power supply
4.1.2 : Switch ON the unit.
4.1.3 : Observe the digital display indicator
4.1.4 : To set the desired temperature press the “set” touch key and simultaneously the potentiometer knob turn to right hand side or left
           hand side with the help of screw driver (clock wise to increase the set value or anticlockwise to decrease the set value) release the
           ‘set’ touch key
4.1.5 : If you press the ‘set’ touch key it will indicates the set temperature. If you release ‘set’ touch key it will indicate the current
4.1.6 : If the current temperature in the chamber raises above the set value, heating automatically ‘puts off’ and cooling will be “ON” and the
           temperature in the chamber decreases below the set temperature cooling automatically “puts off “ and heating will be “ON”. This
          process repeats.
4.1.7 :Ensure that the observed temperature after stabilizing it should not differ ± 2 °C to the set temperature in the log sheet.
4.1.8 :Record of the day to day monitoring of the temperature is maintained separately in a log sheet
4.1.9 :Record the temperature using maximum and minimum thermometer once in a day in a log sheet.


Do not over load the unit with samples.
Ensure that the latch of glass door is closed.
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