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Pharmaceutical Drugs are defined as chemical substances used for treating, curing and preventing different types of diseases. Commonly referred as medicines or medication, pharmaceutical drugs are used in the medical diagnosis, treatment, prevention or curing disease. For varied diseases, physical ailments, there are a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs which are available over the counter (OTC) or with doctors' advise.

Pharmaceutical Drugs are defined as chemical substances used for treating, curing and preventing different types of diseases. Commonly referred as medicines or medication, pharmaceutical drugs are used in the medical diagnosis, treatment, prevention or curing disease. For varied diseases, physical ailments, there are a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs which are available over the counter (OTC) or with doctors' advise. Medicines help in fighting or preventing diseases if they are taken in the right quantity at the right time and as prescribed by your doctor. This section provides pharmaceutical drugs information, to better understand prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Classification of Pharmaceutical Drugs

We can classify pharmaceutical drugs in 2 broad categories:

Prescription Drugs Prescription Drugs are those drugs, which should not be used without the prescription of an authorized physician. These drugs can't be normally bought, unless prescribed. There might be a few prescription drugs that are sold with out prescription also, such as some Decongestants, Vasodilators, Anti-histamines etc.

Non Prescription Drugs Drugs that are sold without prescription are referred to as Non-Prescription Drugs or Over-the-counter drugs. These drugs are available locally. Some variants of a few Prescription drugs may be available without prescription also, such as Topical Antibiotics, Expectorants and Minoxidil (a type of Vasodilator), to name a few.

Pharmaceutical Drugs Administration
Administration of a drug means how the drug is delivered to a patient. Pharmaceutical drugs are available in the forms of pills, tablets, capsules and syrups. They can be taken orally or intravenously (into the blood through a vein). They are administered at regular intervals or all at once depending on doctors' advise.

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