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Your guide to trends and revenue potential in pharma wholesaling and distributionWhere is the pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution (W&D) industry heading? Visiongain's report shows you potential revenues and trends to 2022, discussing data, opportunities and prospects.This new study investigates the W&D industry and its market environment. It lets you discover projected revenues at overall world market, main submarket, company and national level to 2022.You see forecasts of world-level submarkets to 20

List of wholesalers Drugs Distributors Pharmaceutical Companies in World

Your guide to trends and revenue potential in pharma wholesaling and distribution

Where is the pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution (W&D) industry heading? Visiongain's report shows you potential revenues and trends to 2022, discussing data, opportunities and prospects.

This new study investigates the W&D industry and its market environment. It lets you discover projected revenues at overall world market, main submarket, company and national level to 2022.

You see forecasts of world-level submarkets to 2022, finding potential revenue:
• Original-branded drugs
• Generic drugs.

How will 11 leading countries perform to 2022? You find W&D revenue forecasts, as well as discussions of what will drive and restrain those national markets:
• US
• Japan
• Germany
• France
• UK
• Spain
• Italy
• China
• Brazil
• Russia
• India.

You also find a revenue forecast to 2022 for the overall European W&D market.

Our study lets you assess the worldwide industry and market, seeing trends and outlooks. You find discussions of pharma supply issues such as these:
• Prospects for the pharma distribution chain from 2012 onwards
• Roles of pharmaceutical wholesalers
• Full-line wholesalers (FLWs)
• Short-line wholesalers (SLWs)
• Secondary wholesalers
• Direct-to-pharmacy distribution
• Pharmacy benefit managers
• Generating revenue and profit
• Emerging national markets
• Globalisation and increased demand for medicines.

The report also discusses these activities:
• Forward buying
• Fee-for-service activities
• Serialisation for wholesalers
• Specialty pharmaceuticals
• Industry consolidation
• Inventory management agreements and discounts
• State-funded healthcare, reimbursements and clawbacks
• Parallel trade and related issues
• Impact of recent regulatory changes
• Supermarket pharmacies, chain pharmacies and vertical integration
• Pedigree legislation and using the supply chain to combat drug counterfeiting.

Market value for 2014 and prospects for the future

What does the future hold? The pharma industry and its supply chain partners will increase revenues from 2012 to 2022. Overall world revenue for wholesale and distribution activities will reach $747bn in 2014, the report forecasts.

What are companies doing? Our work profiles nine leading W&D organisations and investigates their revenue-generating prospects to 2022:
• McKesson
• Cardinal Health
• AmerisourceBergen
• The PHOENIX Group
• Alfresa Holdings
• Celesio
• Alliance Boots
• Suzuken
• Medipal.

The scope of the field widens, with organisations collaborating and expanding their businesses. Our investigation shows you commercial possibilities.

Increased unit sales of generic drugs will restrain revenue growth, as will direct-to-pharmacy distribution. Demand for specialty pharma products will augment sales, the study also finds.

There will be increasing dependence on emerging countries to 2022, with their fast-rising drug sales. Developed countries hold promise too.

New products - novel small molecules, generics and biologics - will stimulate the pharma sector. Many opportunities for rising drug sales exist, with high, growing W&D revenues possible from 2012 to 2022. Our report shows you and explains.

Forecasts, market shares, developmental trends, commercial news and discussions

In visiongain's study you find revenue forecasting, growth rates and market shares. Also, you see qualitative analyses (SWOT and STEP), company profiles and commercial developments. You receive 62 tables, 41 charts and two research interviews.

Eight ways Pharma Wholesale and Distribution Market: World Outlook 2012-2022 helps you

In particular, our report gives you the following knowledge on the topic:
• Find potential revenues to 2022 for the overall world market and submarkets
• Discover projected revenue trends to 2022 for nine leading companies
• See market forecasting to 2022 for the US, Japan, EU5 countries, Brazil, Russia, China and India
• Assess leading companies, and other players, discovering activities and outlooks
• Review issues and events in the industry and market - emerging trends
• Investigate competition and opportunities influencing unit sales and revenues
• Find out what will stimulate and restrain the industry and market
• View opinions from the industry, reading interviews from our survey.

There, you discover quantitative and qualitative analyses with independent predictions. You receive information that only our report contains, staying informed on business intelligence.

Without our report you could miss out on information that your competitors use.

Gain research and analysis now for the supply of medicines

Our study is for everybody needing industry and market analyses for the supply of pharmaceuticals. You find data, predictions and answers there. Please order that report now.

Companies Listed

AAH Pharmaceuticals
AB Acquisitions Ltd
Acofarma (Asociación Cooperativas Farmacéuticas)
Admenta Italia
Alfresa Holdings Corp
Alfresa Medical Service Corp
Alfresa Nikken Sangyo
Alliance Boots
Alliance Healthcare
Alliance Santé
Alliance UniChem
Amedis-UE AG
Anderson Packaging
Ando Co.
Andreae-Noris Zahn (ANZAG)
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
Astellas Pharma
Astis Co
Athos Farma
Atol Co
Bergen Brunswig
Brecon Pharmaceuticals
Bristol-Myers Squibb
British Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (BAPW)
Brocacef Holding
Bundesverband des Pharmazeutischen Grosshandel
Cahill May Roberts
Cardinal Health
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
CERP network
Chambre Syndicale de la Répartition Pharmaceutique (CSRP)
China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm)
Chiyaku Co
Comifar Group
CS Yakuhin Co
CVS Caremark
Eli Lilly
European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC)
European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers (GIRP)
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)
Everlth Co.
Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
Fukujin Co.
GEHE Pharma Praha
Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation (GP Corp)
Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA)
Hedef Alliance Holding
Heisei Yakuhin Co.
Herba Chemosan
Hubei Kyoso Pharmaceutical
Huzhong Pharmaceutical Co.
Izutsu Pharmaceutical Co.
Japanese Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association
Jingu Yakuhin Co.
Jointown Pharmaceutical Group
Kobashou Co. (Kobayashi Group Company)
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Kowa Pharmaceuticals Co.
Kuraya Sanseido
Laboratoria Flandria
Medco Health Solutions
Medicine Shoppe International
Meisho Co.
Merck & Co.
Miyagi Distribution Center
Nakagawa Seikodo Co
Nakano Yakuhin Co
Napp Pharmaceutical
National Health Service (NHS UK)
Norsk Medisinaldepot
Novo Nordisk
Oncology Therapeutics Network
Parata Systems
Pharma Belgium
Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI)
PHOENIX Arzeiwarengro?handlung
PHOENIX Farmacija
PHOENIX Lékárensky
PHOENIX Medical Supplies
PHOENIX Pharma Polska
PHOENIX Pharmahandel
PHOENIX Zdravotócke
Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Ryuyaku Co
Sanki Corporation
Seiwa Sangyo Co
Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co
Shikoku Alfresa Corp
Shoyaku Co
SIA International
Sigma Pharmaceuticals
State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA, China)
Suzuken Iwate Co
Suzuken Okinawa Yakuhin Co
Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research (IPF)
The Tamro Group
Tjellesen Max Jenne
Toho Holdings
US Oncology
Ushioda Sagokudo Yakuhin Co
Walgreens Co.
World Courier Group
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (now part of Pfizer)
ZAO Rosta
Zuellig Pharma China (Yong Yu)

FKI Logistex - Whether distributing directly to consumers or to retailers, pharmaceutical distributors face the unique challenges of small, high-value product; health and safety issues; and operation in a secure, bonded environment with controlled temperature and humidity.

Premium Health Services, Inc. - Our goal is to excel in providing the highest quality service and products to fulfill our customers' pharmaceutical and medical supply needs, thus establishing a productive long-term relationship.

South Pointe Wholesale Inc. - South Pointe Wholesale Inc. is a national distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, distributing product to a broad base of customers. Top of the line customer service, quality products and competitive pricing is our number one priority, and we continually invest in the process to meet this goal.

Founded in 1917 as a small repackaging and distributorship DIK DRUG endured by selling a limited variety of non-prescription healthcare products to drug stores in the Chicago area. We are a regional wholesaler of pharmaceutical, OTC and Healthcare products located in the Chicagoland area. We provide products and services to independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies, and healthcare providers. Within our site you will find out more about our company and what we can do to service your needs.

AmerisourceBergen Amerisource And Bergen Brunswig Merge To Create New Industry Leader, AmerisourceBergen.

Borschow Hospital & Medical Supplies is one of Puerto Rico's largest, most technologically advanced, distributors. Borschow maintains the broadest inventory of prescription medications in the Caribbean, and is the largest trading partner to hospitals in Puerto Rico.

Cardinal Health, Inc. is a leading provider of services supporting the health-care industry.

Chapin Medical Co. is one of the largest independent distributors of plasma fractions, as well as one of the nation's leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical sales, marketing and distribution companies.

Frank W. Kerr Company is a major wholesaler distributing health and beauty aids, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and sundries, and is engaged in distribution of those products in the major markets of Michigan and Ohio.

H.D. Smith Wholesale Drug Co. has been around since 1954, providing new programs, new markets and ever-improving service to healthcare providers.

McKesson HBOC, Inc.,
a Fortune 60 corporation, is the world's largest supply management and healthcare information technology company.

Morris Dickson is the Nation’s oldest pharmaceutical distributor serving hospitals and retail pharmacies for over 150 years.

Rebel Distributors Corp.is not a full-line wholesaler, rather more of a specialty or promotional wholesaler/distributor centering on pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications, test strips, syringes as well as medical/surgical supplies.

Rochester Drug Cooperative, Inc. uses an old time mentality compiled with new technology to service customers in New York state and most of Pennsylvania.

Value Drug Company
provides a full line of pharmaceuticals, goods and services and utilizes state-of-the-art technology in all phases of its operation.

List of wholesale Drugs Distributors Companies in World
1 Alapis Holding Industrial and Commercial SA of Pharmaceutical Chemical Products (ALAPIS) Greece
2 Alapis Holding Industrial and Commercial SA of Pharmaceutical Chemical Products (FFEF) Germany
3 Alfresa Holdings Corp (2784) Japan
4 AmerisourceBergen Corp (ABG) Germany
5 AmerisourceBergen Corp (ABG) Germany
6 AmerisourceBergen Corp (ABC) USA
7 Andreae-Noris Zahn AG (ANZ) Germany
8 Banjalukafarm AD Banja Luka (VETPRA) Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 Bijoy Hans Ltd (BJHN) India
10 Cachet Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (002462) China
11 Cardinal Health Inc (CAH) USA
12 Cardinal Health Inc (CLH) Germany
13 Cardinal Health Inc (CLH) Germany
14 Cardinal Health Inc (CAH) Argentina
15 Celesio AG (CAKFF) USA
16 Celesio AG (CAKFY) USA
17 Celesio AG (CLSG) UK
18 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
19 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
20 Celesio AG (CLS1) Germany
21 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
22 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
23 Celesio AG (CLS1) Germany
24 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
25 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
26 Celesio AG (CLS1) UK
27 China Medicine Corp (CHME) USA
28 China National Biotec Group (CNBTCZ) Hong Kong
29 China National Medicines Corp Ltd (600511) China
30 China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals Inc (CYXN) USA
31 Cosmo Bio Co Ltd (3386) Japan
32 D Medical Industries Ltd (DMED) Israel
33 D Medical Industries Ltd (DMEDF) USA
34 Dornafarm SA Suceava (DOFA) Romania
35 Elegant Pharmaceuticals (EP) India
36 Emmaus Life Sciences Inc (EMMA) USA
37 Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk PT (FEK) Germany
38 Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk PT (EPMT) Indonesia
39 Familymeds Group Inc (FMRX) USA
40 Farmaceutica Remedia SA Deva (RMAH) Romania
41 Farmaceutice Arcatim SA Timisoara (FRAR) Romania
42 Farmacol SA (FCL) Poland
43 Galenica AG (GALN) UK
44 Galenica AG (GALN) Switzerland
45 Galenica AG (G2A) Germany
46 Galenica AG (GALN) UK
47 Galenica AG (GALN) UK
48 Galenica AG (GALN) UK
49 Galenica AG (GALN) UK
50 Global Pharm Holdings Group Inc (GPHG) USA
51 Grupo Casa Saba SAB de CV (SAB) USA
52 Grupo Casa Saba SAB de CV (SAB*) Mexico
53 Huadong Medicine Co Ltd (000963) China
54 Iwaki & Co Ltd (8095) Japan
55 JinZangHuang Tibet Pharmaceuticals Inc (JZHG) USA
56 Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd (600998) China
57 Kimia Farma Persero Tbk PT (HQP) Germany
58 Kimia Farma Persero Tbk PT (KAEF) Indonesia
59 Kingworld Medicines Group Ltd (1110) Hong Kong
60 Krajinalijek AD Banja Luka (KRJLRA) Bosnia and Herzegovina
61 Lifeline Drugs & Pharma Ltd (LDPL) India
62 McKesson Corp (MCK) Germany
63 McKesson Corp (MCK) Germany
64 McKesson Corp (MCK) USA
65 McKesson Corp (MCK*) Mexico
66 Meda AB (M5E) Germany
67 Meda AB (MEDAA) Sweden
68 Meda AB (MEDAA) UK
69 Meda AB (MEDAA) UK
70 Meda AB (MEDAA) UK
71 Meda AB (MEDAA) UK
72 Meda AB (MEDAA) Sweden
73 Meda AB (MEDAA) UK
74 Meda AB (MEDAA) UK
75 Meda AB (MDABF) USA
76 Medimfarm (FAMD) Romania
77 Medipal Holdings Corp (7459) Japan
78 Medipal Holdings Corp (MAHLY) USA
79 Mediq NV (MEDIQ) UK
80 Mediq NV (MEDIQ) UK
81 Mediq NV (MEDIQ) Netherlands
82 Mediq NV (MEDIQ) UK
83 Meldex International PLC (MLGPF) USA
84 Meldex International PLC (MLGGY) USA
85 Millennium Pharmacon International Tbk PT (SDPC) Indonesia
86 Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (600713) China
87 Ohki Co Ltd (8120) Japan
88 Orient Europharma Co Ltd (4120) Taiwan
89 PCB SA (PCBB) Belgium
90 Pd-Rx Pharmaceuticals Inc (PDRX) USA
91 Pelion SA (PEL) Poland
92 Pharmaniaga Bhd (PHRM) Malaysia
93 Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos Farmaceuticos SA (PFRM3) Brazil
94 Regent Chemicals Ltd (RCHM) India
95 Relish Pharmaceuticals Ltd (RLPH) India
96 ScripsAmerica Inc (SCRC) USA
97 Selcuk Ecza Deposu Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S. (SELEC) Turkey
98 Seoulin Bioscience Co Ltd (038070) South Korea
99 Ship Healthcare Holdings Inc (3360) Japan
100 Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SIP) Australia
101 Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd (S5Y) Germany
102 Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SHTPY) USA
103 Sinopharm Group Co Ltd (1099) Hong Kong
104 Sinopharm Group Co Ltd (SHTDF) USA
105 Sinopharm Group Co Ltd (X2S) Germany
106 SPM Corp (SPM) Viet Nam
107 Sunpeaks Ventures Inc (SNPK) USA
108 Sunpeaks Ventures Inc (40S) Germany
109 Suzuken Co Ltd (ZU1) Germany
110 Suzuken Co Ltd (9987) Japan
111 Suzuken Co Ltd (SZUKF) USA
112 Toheal Pharmachem Ltd (THPC) India
113 Toho Holdings Co Ltd (8129) Japan
114 Toho Holdings Co Ltd (TON) Germany
115 Tokiwa Yakuhin Co Ltd (TK9) Germany
116 Tokiwa Yakuhin Co Ltd (7644) Japan
117 Unifarm ad Zemun (UNFZ) Serbia
118 Unipharma SA (UNISB) Switzerland
119 United Drug PLC (UDG) Ireland
120 United Drug PLC (UDG) UK
121 United Drug PLC (UDGGBP) UK
122 United Drug PLC (UDG) UK
123 United Drug PLC (UDG) UK
124 United Drug PLC (UDG) UK
125 United Drug PLC (UN6A) UK
126 Vetprom Sombor ad Sombor (VTSO) Serbia
127 Victory LG Inc (VRYG) USA
128 Vital KSK Holdings Inc (3151) Japan
129 Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co Ltd (000705) China
130 ZMAY Holdings Ltd (8085) Hong Kong

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