List of Pharmaceutical firms registered with Western Railway

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List of Pharmaceutical firms registered with Western Railway

List of Pharmaceutical firms registered with Western Railway
S.NFirmsMoney Receipt No.Date of Reg.
1M/s.Abbott India Ltd., MumbaiA 4577419.4.2010
2M/s.Ajanta Pharma Ltd., MumbaiA 4641434.6.2009
3M/s.Alkem Laboratories Ltd., MumbaiA 45786721.4.2010
4M/s.Allergen India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.A 45775613.4.2009
5M/s.Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd., MumbaiA 45775713.4.2009
6M/s.Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd.A 46044121.7.2009
7M/s.Arvind Remedies Ltd.A 46323017.11.2009
8M/s.Astra Zenica Pharma (I) Ltd., MumbaiA 45788321.4.2010
9M/s.Aurobindo Pharma, Hyderabad.A 4641635.6.2009
10M/s.Aventis Pharma Ltd., MumbaiA 45793223.4.2010
11M/s.Bal Pharma Ltd.A 46446612.6.2009
12M/s.Baxter (India) Ltd.A 46446512.6.2009
13M/s.Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd., MumbaiA 4576636.4.2009
14M/s.Biochem Pharmaceuticals Industries, MumbaiA 4577158.4.2009
15M/s.Biocom LtdA 4602497.7.2009
16M/s.Biological E Limited, HyderabadA 4640651.6.2009
17M/s.Blist GVS Pharma Ltd.A 47282105.08.2010
18M/s.Boehringer Ingel Heim India Pvt.Ltd.A 48057811.4.2011
19M/s.Bristol – Myers Squibb India Pvt. Ltd.A 46069212.8.2009
20M/s.Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ahmedabad.A 45993021.5.2009
21M/s.Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad A 45997625.5.2009
22M/s.Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.A 48230321.7.2011
23M/s.Chiron Behring Vaccine Pvt.Ltd.A 47340415.09.2010
24M/s.Cipla Ltd., MumbaiA 4576473.4.2009
25M/s.Claris Life Science Ltd.A 46442910.6.2009
26M/s.Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., HyderabadA 45678430.3.2009
27M/s.East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd., MumbaiA 45858619.5.2009
28M/s.Elder Pharmaceuticals, MumbaiA 45787721.4.2009
29M/s.Eli Lilly & Co.(I) Pvt. Ltd., HaryanaA 45990919.5.2009
30M/s.Emcure Pharmaceuticals, PuneA 45782916.4.2009
31M/s.FDC LtdA 46448315.6.2009
32M/s.Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals, MumbaiA 45793323.4.2009
33M/s.Fresenius Kabi India Pvt. Ltd., MumbaiA 4576917.4.2009
34M/s.Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd., Ghaziabad.A 46197117.09.2009
35M/s.Fulford India Ltd., MumbaiA 46402527.5.2009
36M/s.Gulfa Lab. Ltd.A46262016.10.2009
37M/s.Gland Pharma Ltd., MumbaiA 4641444.6.2009
38M/s.Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd., MumbaiA 46402327.5.2009
39M/s.Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., MumbaiA 45794723.4.2009
40M/s.Gufic Life scienceA 46535620.01.2010
41M/s.Indian Immunologicals Ltd., Hyderabad.A 46200322.09.2009
42M/s.Indoco Remedies Ltd., MumbaiA 4576031.4.2009
43M/s.Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., AhmedabadA 45782716.4.2009
44M/s.Ipca Laboratories Ltd., MumbaiA 45783216.4.2009
45M/s.J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., MumbaiA45782616.4.2009
46M/s.Johnson & Johnson Ltd., MumbaiA 4584668.5.2009
47M/s.Khandelwal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., MumbaiA 45779915.4.2009
48M/s.L. G. Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd.A 46055531.7.2009
49M/s.Lupin Ltd., MumbaiA 45998825.5.2009
50M/s.Lyka Labs Ltd., MumbaiA 45780015.4.2009
51M/s.M.J. Biopharma Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.A 4644079.6.2009
52M/s.Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd., MumbaiA 45792423.4.2009
53M/s.Medley Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., MumbaiA 4576483.4.2009
54M/s.Merck Specialisties (P) Ltd., MumbaiA 45859019.5.2009
55M/s.Micro Labs Ltd., BangaloreA 4641454.6.2009
56M/s.MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. GurgaonA 4618198.09.2009
57M/s.Natco Pharma Ltd., HyderabadA 45778013.4.2009
58M/s.Neon Laboratories Ltd., MumbaiA 45854314.5.2009
59M/s.Novartis India Ltd., MumbaiA 45790622.4.2009
60M/s.Novo Nordisk India (Pvt.) Ltd., MumbaiA 45788221.4.2009
61M/s.Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., ChennaiA 46402427.5.2009
62M/s.Panacea Biotec, Mumbai.A 46443510.06.2009
63M/s.Parenteral Drugs & Industries Ltd., New DelhiA 45775813.4.2009
64M/s.Pfizer Ltd., MumbaiA 46400927.5.2009
65M/s.Piramal (Abbott) Healthcare, MumbaiA 45998725.5.2009
66M/s.Ranbaxy Laboratories, MumbaiA 45858319.5.2009
67M/s.Reckitt Benckenser, MumbaiA46401027.5.2009
68M/s.Relience Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.A 47507910.11.2010
69M/s.Roche Scientific Co.A46261916.10.2009
70M/s.RPG Lifesciences Ltd., MumbaiA 46442810.06.2009
71M/s.Sajivani Pareteral Ltd.A 46035915.7.2009
72M/s.Sandoz Pvt. Ltd., Navi MumbaiA 45798827.4.2009
73M/s.Serdia Pharmaceuticals (I) Pvt. Ltd., MumbaiA 45767216.4.2009
74M/s.Serium Institute of India Ltd.A 4663783.2.2010
75M/s.Shantha Biotechnics Ltd., MumbaiA 45858719.5.2009
76M/s.Shreya LifesciencesA 46272927.10.2009
77M/s.Southern Petro Chemical Industries Corpn.A 47289130.08.2010
78M/s.Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., MumbaiA 45858819.5.2009
79M/s.Tablets India Ltd., ChennaiA 45752730.3.2009
80M/s.Themis Medicare Ltd., MumbaiA 4577439.4.2010
81M/s.Torrent Pharmaceuticals, AhmedabadA 45754830.3.2009
82M/s.Troikka PharmaA 45782816.4.2009
83M/s.Unichem Laboratories Ltd., MumbaiA 4577449.4.2009
84M/s.United Biotech (P) Ltd., New Delhi.A 45858919.5.2009
85M/s.USV Limited, MumbaiA 4576586.4.2010
86M/s.Wallace Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd., MumbaiA 4577409.4.2009
87M/s.Win-Medicare Pvt. Ltd., New DelhiA 45786821.4.2009
88M/s.Wockhardt Limited, MumbaiA 4641002.6.2009
89M/s.Wyeth LtdA 4601841.7.2009
90M/s.V.H.B. Life SciencesA 4754543.12.2010
91M/s.Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad.A 4584247.5.2009

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