List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pondicherry

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List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pondicherry

List of Best Pharma Companies in Pondicherry

Company NameCompany Address
SunGlow PharmaceuticalsPlot No.29 – 38,, Kurumbapet,Puducherry


Helix PharmaNo. 15/16, Cuddalore Road, Tolgate, AriankuppamPuducherry


GuruFcure241/1 & 241/5, Kalitheerthal kuppam, Madagadipet postPuducherry

0413 2640891

M/s.Natural Capsules LtdR.S.No: 84, Perambai Road, Pitchaveeranpet,, Pondicherry – 10Puducherry

0413 2290833


Thorab Pharma And Research Laboratory

144/5pt Earrikari road,K.P.Natham,Thiruvandarkoil,Pondicherry . 605102 . Pondicherry .

“THORAB is committed to delight the consumer by providing safe, efficacious and cost- effective Pharmaceutical formulations...

Pharmaceutical Formulations Pondicherry
Tristar Formulations Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No:a, 116 27th Cross Poipic Ind. Est. Mettupalayam, Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry .

Dr. Miltons Laboratories

55/3, Vtk Building, Perambai Road, Moolakulam, Pondicherry . 605110 . Pondicherry .

Manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical formulation, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, b, amoxillin plus capsules, amoxillin 250 mg...

Guruf Cure

R.s. No. 241/1 & 241/5, Kalitheerthal Kuppam Madagadipet Post, Pondicherry . 605107 . Pondicherry . 

Amoxillin 250 mg tablets, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, b, amoxillin plus capsules, manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical...

Lessac Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

# A-87, Pipdic Industrial Estate, Mettupalayam, Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry

Export, paracetamol tablets, manufacture and suply of pharmaceuticals, amoxylin tablets, multivitamin capsules, calcium tablets.

Guna Exports

Plot No.2, Door No. 3, 5th Cross Street, Gnanaprakasam Nagar, Pondicherry . 605008 . Pondicherry .

B-complex, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, export of pharmaceutical goods, amoxillin tablets, amoxillin plus tablets, amoxillin 250...

Bonn Schtering Bio Sciences

No- 64 &65, Electronic Park, Thirubhuvanai, Pondicherry . 605107 . Pondicherry .

Manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical formulation, vaccine, anti cancer drugs, anti diabetic drugs, anti allergics, anti...

Bonn Schtering Biosciences

No : 64 & 65, Piptic Industrial Estate, Mannadipet Commune, Pondicherry . 605107 . Pondicherry

Classik Siddha Products

# 7, Vallalar Salai, Venkata Nagar, Pondicherry . 605011 . Pondicherry . 

Anemia, pharmacy, distribute of ayurvedic medicine, medicine siddha, asthma medicine siddha, back ache medicine, arthritis...

Yogiram Healthcare

46, Lawspet Main Road, Pudupet, Pondicherry . 605008 . Pondicherry

Amoxxilin 500 mg, zinc tablets, amoxillin 250 mg, paracetamol, erythromycin, distribute of pharmaceutical formulation, ...

Sri Vinayaga Agencies

No. 11, 1st Floor, Police Piles, Mudaliartet, Pondicherry . 605004 . Pondicherry

Trade and suply of medicines, disprin, crocin, paracetamol.


# 45, Mangalam Village, Villianur, Pondicherry . 605110 . Pondicherry .

Manufacture and suply of tablets, alcohol antagonist capsule, injections, capsules, seleno methionine anti inflammatory, export.

Thorab Traders

28-a, East Pondy Road, Valavanur, Pondicherry . 605108 . Pondicherry .

Capsules-sildenafil tablets, trade of tablets, cefpodoxime proxetil capsules, cefixime capsules.

Medzone Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

No. 6, Piptic Main Road, Thirubuvanai, Pondicherry . 605107 . Pondicherry .

Amoxillin plus capsules, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, amoxillin 250 mg tablets, manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical...

Sapphire Pharmaceuticals Private Limited; 2, Plot No. 145 & 146, Kurumbapet, Pondicherry . 600078 . Pondicherry .

Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited

R.s. No: 32, 33 & 34, Pims Road, Periyakalapet, Pondicherry . 605014 . Pondicherry .

Lifecare Formulations Pvt. Ltd.

# Flat No:2/3, 91/5, Link Road, Sonia Nagar Extension, Near Mettupalayam Industrial Estate, Pondiche . 605009 . Pondicherry .

Manufacture and suply of montelukast 10mg tablets aceclofenac 100mg + paracetamol 500mg + serratiopeptidase 15mg tablets...

Parwes Pharma

37-b, Pipdic Electronic Park, Tribhuvani, Pondicherry . 6050107 . Pondicherry . 

Manufacture and suply of tablets, capsules, distribute, syrups, ointment.

Pondy Chemicals

No. 153/6, Nanapet Road, Kamnia Koil, Manapet Post, Pondicherry . 607402 . Pondicherry .

Antiseptic liquid, manufacture and distribute of drugs, diclofenec sodium ointment.

Acumen Pharmaceuticals (p) Ltd., Plot. No.117 & 118, Kurumbapet, Villanur Commune., Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry .

Vitamin tablets, capsules, manufacture and distribute of pharmaceutical formulations, fever tablets, baby cough syrups, ...

Murugaa Medicals

No.41, 42, Shop No.3, Kamalam Nagar, Pondicherry . 605010 . Pondicherry

Capsules, distribute of pharmaceuticals formulation, gelatin capsules, syrups, calcium, tablets, antibiotic injection, ...

Redner Formulations

Rs No-2/1, Kuruhbapet, Villanur Commune, Mettupalayam, Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry . 

Iron syrup, bonnisan syrup, dry, tonic mutivitamin syrup, liquid medicines, cough syrup, manufacture and suply of...

Sri Ammaiappan Pharmacy

43, Apple Street, Periyar Nagar, Virudhachallam, Pondicherry . 606001 . Pondicherry

Pharma Associates

25, 4 A Cross, Rainbow Nagar, Pondicherry . 605003 . Pondicherry

Ever Green Research Labs

No. 2, Plot No. 1454146, Kurumbapet, Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry .

Manufacture and distribute of amoxillin 250 mg tablets, amoxillin plys capsules, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, citraxin, ...

Nickon Lab India Pvt. Ltd.

No. 23/123, Boorathi Bazar, Othavadi Street, Pondicherry . 605110 . Pondicherry .

Paracetamol 250mg, amoxylin 250mg, tablets, capsules, dolocold 650mg, manufacture and suply of general medicines, ...

Kumar Pharmacy

2, East Coast Garden, Thanakar Chetti Kulam, Pondicherry . 605014 . Pondicherry

B-complex capsules, trade of amoxillin 250 mg tablets, citrazine 10 mgtablets, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, diclofenec, ...

Amaritha Medicals

123-a/3, Villanur Main Road, Reddyarpalayam, Pondicherry . 605010 . Pondicherry

Amoxillin plus tablets, b-complex capsules, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, citrazine 10 mg tablets, trade of amoxillin 250 mg...

Safetab Life Science

Plot No. A-67 & 68, Pipdic Electronic Park, Thirubuvanai, Pondicherry . 605107 . Pondicherry .

Apresol tablets, pantagon, sucralcoat, manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical tablets, orprodm, thiazide, pantagoniv, ...

Alk-chem Labs

Rs-2/1, Plot No. 81, 82, Door No. 174, Iind Cross, Kurumbapet, Villanur, Commune, Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry .

Amoxillin plus capsules, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, b, manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical formulation, amoxillin 250 mg...

A To Z Life Science

89/2, Cudd Road, Thavalakuppam, Pondicherry . 605007 . Pondicherry .

Helix Pharma

15/16, Ariyakuppam Cudd Road, Tolgate, Pondicherry . 600007 . Pondicherry .

Amoxillin plus capsules, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, amoxillin 25 mg tablets, manufacture and suply of pharmaceutical...

Micro Labs Limited

# Unit 3, 633 & 4, Whirlpool Road, Thiruvandar, Pondicherry . 605102 . Pondicherry .

Amanath Pharmaceuticals 36/5, Pathukannu, Koodapakkam Village, Pondicherry . 605502 . Pondicherry .

B-, amoxillin plus capsules, amoxillin 250 mg tablets, amocxillin 500 mg tablets, manufacture and suply of pharmaceuticals.

Kreszent Pharma

R.s. No. 180/1, No. 121, Villianur Main Road, Eambalam, Pondicherry . 605106 . Pondicherry .

Manufacture and distribute of pharmaceutical , amoxillin 250 mg tablets, amoxillin 500 mg tablets, b, amoxillin plus capsules.

Restech Pharma

B-184/185, Pipdic Industrial Estate, Mettupalayam, Pondicherry . 605009 . Pondicherry .

Capsules, manufacture and suply of pharmaceuticals, cold syrup, dry syrup, tablets, cough syrup, paracetamol 500mg, liquid...

Pondicherry Spirulina Farms

No. 38, Nattar Street, Murungapakkam, Pondicherry . 605004 . Pondicherry

Spirulina powder, manufacture and suply of spirulina capsules.

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Hi team we have aluminium tube manufacturing company in Pondicherry and we have all kind of grms tubes with printed tubes if any medicine company need tubes pls contact me Mobile No:+91-9244504104
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Hi, we have BOPD (Broken Orenge Pekoe Dust) of Green Tea with upto 19% of polyphonels. Interested please call 08825524050 Jayachandran..
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I need whole sale drugs for my hospital
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I need all types of drugs for my hospital pls cal me at cell no.7806808718
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pls remove PBSCAL PUBLICATIONS No.14, Ragavendra Nagar, Thattanchavady,



no more exist
suresh  |  07-Oct-2016 22:49:10 IST
pls remove PBSCAL from your list, no more exist
SANDEEP  |  10-Nov-2016 18:43:49 IST
We are planning to manufacture injections, tablets. If any companies please contact me,my no 9946640333
Janardan singh  |  13-Dec-2016 15:37:49 IST
Looking pharma generic branded co.for re sailing .required net rate &product list
mithun  |  07-Aug-2017 08:14:44 IST
I require the emcure pharmactical stockist in pondicherry
vijayakumar s  |  11-Aug-2017 16:03:18 IST
i would like to supply solvents for the manufacture
D.Muthu Dharmanayagam  |  21-Apr-2018 20:09:07 IST
We provide Distribution System of PW and WFI System
SELVARAJ.S  |  04-May-2018 21:17:41 IST
sir my company provides CCTV cameras and access control system
we have used for international brands (UL Listed ) any brand CCTV any issues we are solve that problem and perfect services also any enquiry to call me 9994945985
R.Abiram Sundaresh  |  01-Oct-2018 23:15:09 IST
I'm going to start PCD. So please contact 9698880835, i need calcium orotate+vit d3 combination, coenzyme q10 for infertility.
VITTAL REDDY  |  02-May-2019 00:30:53 IST
siva shanmugam  |  19-Jun-2019 13:33:02 IST
we are operating A1 pracel services at villianur, and our locations are in TN ,KERALA AND BANAGLORE .any quires please mail us
GANESAN SUBRAMANIYAN  |  16-Aug-2019 19:16:37 IST
Doctorate in pharmacy. Any job vacancy in puducherry for drug safety field or regulatory affairs
Prakash  |  26-Jul-2020 13:38:02 IST
Dear sir,. I am start new pharmaceutical company I have no own machinery I want loan licence procedure and price details my mobile no. 8939148506
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