List of Contract Manufacturing Pharma Companies in India

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The main reason a pharmaceutical company would be interested in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing through another company is efficiency. If a company that sells pharmaceuticals is unable to produce either medicines or their packaging in their own facilities, or if making their facilities capable of mass production would be expensive, then that company is likely to look into contract manufacturing.Since the process is essentially outsourcing production to a partner who privately brands the end product, t

List of Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Contract Manufacturing Pharma Company


Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing


The main reason a pharmaceutical company would be interested in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing through another company is efficiency. If a company that sells pharmaceuticals is unable to produce either medicines or their packaging in their own facilities, or if making their facilities capable of mass production would be expensive, then that company is likely to look into contract manufacturing.

Since the process is essentially outsourcing production to a partner who privately brands the end product, there are a number of different business ventures that can make use of a contract manufacturing arrangement. There are a number of examples of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing currently functioning today, as well as similar arrangements in food manufacturing, the creation of computer components and other forms of electronic contract manufacturing.

Contract manufacturing or loan-license manufacturing has become increasingly popular since the early nineties. Surplus labour costs, labour union problems have led to the re-structuring and downsizing of many organisations and prompting many companies to adapt contract manufacturing as a basic mechanism for labour adjustment strategies in India and even developed economies.


If one surveys the history of contract manufacturing, it started in India as early as the sixties. Subsequently, many leading companies were turning to small-scale manufacturers to gain excise exemption and other benefits. Against this, the government started exercising restrictions on these practices and the organised manufacturers had to start building their own capacities. However, it was only in the seventies, when labour costs were escalating, that contract manufacturing was back in vogue and continued to gain popularity in the nineties and the new millennium. C Kaluskar who is General Manager (Operations) in Sandoz comments, "Contract manufacturing is a business decision for the purpose of cost-effectiveness, logistics, convenience and tax-benefits. However, one has to ensure that contract manufacturing is as competitive as the in-house facility of the manufacturer."


The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges. They are at the crossroads of maintaining a traditional healthcare system and adapt itself to the fast changing environment. This means the industry has to strive to meet the norms of the countries for which they wish to they manufacture their products. They have to establish certain standards and the documentation requirements of that country to which they are exporting their products. Thus one has to comply with local FDA guidelines and also build one's own in-house specifications as per current cGMP guidelines so as to satisfy the audits carried out by international agencies. Kaluskar says, “Our organisation has got its own milestones, whenever we opt for contract manufacturing. As far as operations are concerned, we ensure that all operational procedures are well-defined with reference to audit functions with commercial aspects unconsidered and modus-operandi for all technical operations well understood."


When an organised manufacturer produces a standard product, he invests heavily in creating a brand name, stability and price. Once, the product meets his turnover, and he has to combat the mounting expenses, overheads, labour problems in his organisation. Because of certain government norms, he is unable to increase the price. At this stage, he thinks of passing on this product to the contract manufacturer. An organised manufacturer has to spend a considerable amount of time and send his own staff to refurbish their equipment, train their staff and go in to trial production until they are satisfied with the quality of the product. Companies stated that, they consider many factors before giving their product to a contract manufacturer. Kaluskar continues, "If we are unable to find a suitable contract manufacturer, we may even go to the extent of striking a partnership and do some vendor development for enrichment of understanding cGMP."


In spite of all the assurances, given by the multinational, a lot of scepticism has crept in to the views on contract manufacturing. Most of production personnel deputed in these plants have always commented that they have been unable to exercise the same controls as they could have in their own parent company. Obviously, one cannot feel at home while staying in a relative's house, no matter what the level of comfort provided by one's relative. While, most of these units are controlled by small-time manufacturers who are absolute miserly in their dealings, whether the purpose is for GMP or providing some benefit to their own staff. This is because, in the end the quality of the product, that enters the market affects the reputation of the company remains in the hands of the shop-floor staff/workers on the shop floor. If, one is unable to motivate them to give a certain quality and standard of products, then it is very likely that the quality is bound to suffer in the end. Many of these companies go to the extent of not paying regular salaries to their staff. In one such company, staff was played salary, once in two months. Unfortunately, in a country like India, a person has many liabilities and thus has to undergo harassment on account of his circumstances. In many of these units, a person has had to work for more than 24 hours at stretch because of lack of sufficient staff. The owner-directors are not ready to offer any compensation to motivate these personnel. Thus, most of the personnel acquire experience and look for better prospects abroad, which eventually cause the so-called brain drain. Year after year, thousands of pharmacy graduates leave the portals of college with high expectations of getting a job in a multinational company, but unfortunately, their dreams remain in the pipeline only. Very few of them are lucky enough to acquire a job in an MNC, but majority of them end up at the mercy of these minor ruthless contract manufacturers.


GMP has been the talk of the day in the modern era. Today most of the companies including the minor contract manufacturers have moved to the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim to gain certain tax benefits. The question is—do these units have the required infrastructure, facilities, work force availability as is present in the major cities such as Delhi and Bombay. Many of the blue chip companies have even got their products manufactured on contract from these companies based in these remote areas. For instance, if a company has its plant in an area such as Himachal Pradesh then, it may have to get some machine parts or sufficiently skilled personnel to attend to their machines from New Delhi. This obviously would create a production loss or may lead to poor quality of the product. This happens in spite of the fact that, many of the companies do a lot of additional stocking to prevent these unfortunate mishaps, but certain lacunae are still unavoidable.


Contract manufacturing has come to stay; hence, many of the multinational and blue chip companies would have to plan organised production from these units. Like some MNCs, it may be advisable for some of these blue-chip companies to strike a partnership with some of the small scale contract manufacturers and be committed to understanding the enrichment of GMP and technical aspects of discipline. As is prevalent, many of these organised manufacturers are concentrating on product development, innovation, un-earthling new molecules and clinical trials. Gradually, with proper government support one may find that the standard of the contract manufacturer also improves and people are no longer victims of circumstances.


Kremoint Pharma Pvt. Ltd             

Bulk supplier of pharmaceutical formulations like allopathic medicines, antiseptic formulations, analgesic formulations, antibactrial formulations, antifungal formulations, burn formulations and corticosteroid formulations.... Kredomic Gel (Analgesic)



MAKCUR LABORATORIES LTD, located in Ahmedabad, India is a multifaceted manufacturer & marketer of Small Volume Parenterals since the dawn of 90’s. The facilities are ISO certified & cGMP compliant.... Amikacin Sulphate Inj.


MEDIPAAMS India Private Limited             

Manufacturer and Exporter of Medicines,Neutraceuticals & Herbal Medicines,veterinary drugs which includes cefotaxime injections, cefrtiaxone injections, tylosin tartatrate injections, ivermectin injections, tetramisole bolus tablets, levamisole tablets an... Pharmaceutical Formulations


PARNAX LAB LIMITED (Associate Company of NAXPAR LAB UK LTD)             

HERBAL / PHARMACEUTICAL medicines, COSMETIC. Food supplements,Nutraceuticals,... Ibuprofen 200mg/400mg


 SGPharma Pvt. Ltd.             

Manufacturers of world-class LIFE SAVING medicines that make a real difference in important areas of healthcare viz; Cardiovascular, Oncology, Antibiotics, Neurology, Anaesthetic, Hormonals, Sclerosants, Antidote, Anti-tuberculosis, Anti-fungal, Corti... ESMOLOL HCl INJECTION


 Kosher Pharmaceuticals            

Kosher Pharmaceuticals is a trusted organization engaged in the manufacture of pure, genuine & authentic formulations. We manufacture & export pharmaceuticals like Antibiotics, Cardiac care, Anticancer, Antiobesity, Antacids, Antibacterial, Antimalaria... Sildenafil Citrate Tablets


Mahik Medicaments            

Manufacturers of Pharmaceutcal formulations-Tablets, capsules, oral liquid, oral powder for human and veterinary use and food and feed supplements... Herbal Nutraceuticals


Anmol Healthcare            

Manufacturer and Exporter of vast range of tablets, capsules, syrups etc. since 1997.... Acknil/plus/mr


 blessings healthcare (P) ltd            

Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers/ Loan License/ 3rd Party Manufacturing...

Dry Sterile Injections

Vimsons Aerosol            

VIMSONS AEROSOL is a manufacturing unit with the facility for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Insecticides Aerosol and Non-Aerosol Products.... Shaving Cream


 MediCare Remedies Private Limited            

MediCare Remedies Private limited is one of the fastest growing privately held pharmaceutical companies in India, headquartered at Airoli Navi Mumbai, in the State of Maharashtra with latest in pharmaceutical technology with our R&D experience into one ca... ANASTROZOLE 1MG TABLET




Azithromycin Tablets 250mg


CeegoLabs Private Limited            

We are manufactures of Pharmaceutical,Veterinary,Food Supplements....

Herbal Formulation Manufacturing


Smith&kenner Pharmaceuticals            

We take pride in introducing ourselves as the distinguished manufacturers and exporters of Pharma Formulations. A USFDA stipulated WHO GMP/GMP certified organization, Smith & Kenner is engaged in producing safe pharma formulations such as Liquids, Suspens...



Sakar Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.            

Manufacturer and Exporter of 1. Liquid Orals 2. Beta Lactum Tablet / Capsules and Dry Syrup 3. Liquid Injection with WHO GMP Facility and many international approvals...



Precise Formulation            

Precise formulations is committed of being an innovative leader in SODIUM DICHLOROISOCYANURATE (NaDCC) TABLETS by maintaining highest quality and hygienic standard...

Precure Tablet


maxchem pharma            

maxchem pharam is a who gmp certified company working with the top most companies within india as well as outside.the company has made a mark in the feild of manufacturing.8859878842...

Ofloxacine +Ornidazole


 RHYDBURG Pharmaceuticals Ltd            

The fastest growing & professionally managed pharmaceutical company with proven track record for the past two decades in the national and international market with state of the art WHO-GMP Certified formulations facility in Dehradun, INDIA for Tablets, Ca... Gabapentin Tablet 400 mg

Nutragen Pharma Pvt Ltd.            

NUTRAGEN PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED is a global contract manufacturer established in 2005 with an intention to provide high quality finished Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products with utmost customer satisfaction. The Manufacturing Facility is located i...


Agrata Biotech Limited            

Agrata Biotech manufactures high end Biopharmaceutical injectables. Anticancers, Infertility, Gastric bleeding, Cardio, Critical care, Nephro and other super specialty injectables. Products - Docetaxel, Oxaliplatin, Paclitaxel, Gemcitabine, Zolendronic ac... HCG,HMG,FSH,



Established in the year 2005, Aishwarya Healthcare is counted among the leading names in the field of manufacturing, exporting and supplying of life saving medicines and I.V. fluids. We make use of FFS technology to make the products free from any contami... Dextrose Injection.


 Pure and Cure Healthcare Pvt Ltd            

Pharmaceutical Formulation unit equipped with the Manufacturing facility of Dry Injection, Liquid Injection, Eye & Ear Drop. We are also into 3rd party manufacturing....

Pharmaceutical Formulation unit equipped with the


 SCIGENICS BIOTECH Pvt Ltd            

Scigenics Biotech,since it's inception in 1997 has been a pioneering entrepreneurial venture in the manufacture of ORBITEK ® range of Shakers and other lab equipments, specifically addressed to the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology.....The ORBITEK ... Shakers


sas biosynth pvt ltd            

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a qualitative range of pharmaceutical medicines in India. These are widely acclaimed by our clients for its chemical composition and superior quality. We manufacture all kind of Life saving ... PHARMACEUTICAL INJECTABLE


Makjai Laboratories/Makjai Laboratories Pvt Ltd            

Sir, We WHO certified manufacture Gelusil Tab.Liq. for Pfizer and Resochin , Baycip brand of Bayer. We have our product range of Tab.and Liq. for Domestic and Exports. We have about 40% spare capacity in alc./ non alc. liquids and tablets to contract. In...

Makstrong Tablets, Maksulide Tablets


Montage Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.            

We are manufacturer of Small volume parenterals. We have our own products as well as we manufacture on Contract basis as well. B-Lactam dry Powder injection, general liquid and dry powder injections, Hormones injections.... ARTESUNATE INJECTION





 Vital Therapeutics & Formulations Pvt. Ltd.              

We are WHO/GMP & ISO 9001 & 22000 certified manufacturers for Veterinary Formulations such as Oral Liquids, Dry Powders , Nutritional Products . Our range of Products inculed, Antibiotics, Growth Promoters, Dewormers,Vitamin Supplaments etc. We export t... Vitamin AD3EC Oral Liquid


 The Nutrition            

the nutrition is an idea of people who always be ready to take any challenge from this world of competition. We are a manufacturing firm with a vast range of nutraceutical products at excise free zone of the pollution free and full of nature valley in Him... Protein Powder with DHA


 T&G Medicare            

Our Factory in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) is GMP and Revised Schedule -M of Drug & Cosmetics Rules 1945 Certified. Our Unit also has ISO 9001: 2008 certification & WHO GMP compliance certification. The Company has a vast Generic range of products specially... Diclofenac Sodium & Paracetamol Tabs


KD CHEM-PHARMA            

KD Chem-Pharma had humble beginning in 1996, as a small manufacturing company at Ahmedabad, India. Today, KD Chem-Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of Nutraceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceuticals Form... Pharmaceutical Formulation



manufacturer of Ointment, creams and gel.... Ointment


 Okasa Pharma Pvt. Ltd.            

Our product range comprises over 1000 products covering Formulations and OTC. We cover therapeutic categories like Anti-retroviral, Anti-Cancer / Oncology, Cardiovascular, Anti-diabetics, Anti-fungal, Anti-asthmatics, Anti-biotic/Anti-bacterial, Anti-depr...


 Renown Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd            

The company offers its facility as the best contract manufacturer, for bulk buyers interested in any formulation in Nutraceuticals, Therapeutic, cosmetics and herbal category.... multimineral capsules






Since 1984, Maxheal is one of the largest Pharma formulations company in India. Having STATE OF THE ART FACILITIES for pharma formulations. Mission: The Strategy includes alliance and affiliation with the leading Distributors in its area of operations... Amoxycillin Capsuels 250mg / 500mg

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Manish Kumar  |  28-Jun-2013 20:53:00 IST
Dear sir/madam, i m going to start pharma marketing company at Raipur, Chhattisgarh, especially ENT's related products, I have strong hold in Chhattisgar, Orissa, Jharkhand,M P and Bihar among ENT and its related, even ENT Doctor will be partner in my company. I m looking for contract manufacturer for ENT's products. Please let me know, if you can consider us.
Snehashish Sanyal  |  20-Sep-2013 23:04:00 IST
Hello Sir/Madam, I am staying in south kolkata, India. I want to start a distribution cum marketing pharma company with all general generic products. Being a new comer in this segment I want to start with a small base. So, kindly guide me by providing all the necessary details as well as minimum fund required to start up the business.

Also if possible kindly provide me some contract manufacturers details whom I can't talk and start my business dealings.

Thanks & Regards,
Snehashish Sanyal
Xenium Remedies Pvt Ltd  |  19-Jul-2014 14:21:56 IST
we are looking for a generic drugs manufacturing company who are interested in marketing their products in koshi region of north bihar
Xenium Remedies Pvt Ltd  |  19-Jul-2014 14:24:35 IST
we are based at kishanganj
sagar jadhav  |  10-Dec-2014 17:10:30 IST
what is the procedure for to start food manufacturing industry?
Sherry Easo  |  27-Dec-2014 20:32:10 IST
I would like to know the costing of the following drug formulations as FINISHED GOOD ,( including medicines, primary and secondary packing material)for third party marketing

Azithromycin 250 mg Tab

Azithromycin 500 mg Tab

Amoxycillin & Pottassium Clavunate 625 mg Tab

Pantoprazol & Domperidone SR hard gelatin capsule

Haematinic capsules ( Fe, Folic acid, Vit B12) Softgels
Haematinic syrup

please contact me through mail.""
Sahay Pharmaceuticals  |  30-Mar-2015 23:40:43 IST
Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to manufacture DNS (Dextrose 5% & Sodium Chloride 0.9%) and NS (Sodium Chloride 0.9%) in 500ml PP bottles. If you are the manufacturer of such so we would like to request a detailed quotation for third party manufacturing of above, also mention that how much minimum quantity we have to order to finalize a contract with you. Please reply with your favourable support and requirements.

Thanks and Regards-
Naveen Shukla
Sahay Pharmaceuticals
Contact- +91 7275523621


Corporate Office-
193, Narottam Nagar South,
Near- Water Works,
Sidhauli Town, Distt.- Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh, India. 261303
DIPANKAR NATH  |  17-Apr-2015 15:22:22 IST
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are from Sramajibi Hospital,Belur dedicated for the mankind.We are planning to have third party manufacturing unit for the consumption of the emergency medicines only for our three units at Belur,Serampure.In this regard,plz provide the necessary guide line & contract manufacturing companies.
Thanks & Regards,
Dipankar Nath
vivek sharma  |  18-Apr-2015 12:50:58 IST
Dear sir/madam

I have some pharma machines on sale ,If you are intersted pls feel free to contact me .
List of machinery.

1. Plate ovens 2 pcs ,200kg each capacity,kilburn mumbai make
2. Cubical mixer 1pcs,150litre ,cadmach ahmedabad make
3. Sifter 1pcs ,cadmach ahmedabad make
4. Grinder heavy duty 1pcs ,sakshi engineering ghaziabad make ,
5. 6 Track sachet packing machine 1pcs ,shubham pakaging faridabad make,
6. Continous Bend Sealer 1pcs ,taiwan
7. Bottle cap induction sealer,taiwan
8. Electronic voltage servo 50kva 3phase ,auto cutt off ,oil cool ,banza electronics, delhi
9. De-humidifiers 2pcs ,1.5 ton each ,bryair
10. Split a/c 2pcs ,1.5 ton each,5star rating ,electrolux
11. Generator 1pcs 15kw,3phase, ghaziabad with crown alternator
12. Weight machines 300kg ,1pcs -15kg,1pcs ,goldtech
13. Leak test appretor ,
14. Ir moisture balance
15. Ph meter .
16. Shrink tunnel for label shrinking,sevana delhi

Offered Price Rs. 15,00,000 for complete package.

naman Singh  |  15-Jul-2015 17:12:29 IST
I have my own trading unit & links with contact manufacturing companies of Pharma , genric medicine ,
I have wast list of products and have contacts with their manufacturer
if any one interested to have business with outsource -contact manufacturing unit then pls feel free to contact me on & my mob: 9780696881 (Punjab)
ankur  |  27-Aug-2015 00:33:54 IST
Dear Sir/Madam
i want to manufacturing Small volume parenterals like ns100ml,metro cipro oflox so please send me quation of all 100ml parenterals with minimum quantity of products
contact via email and send list of all pareterals if you have 500ml also...
ankur  |  27-Aug-2015 00:38:24 IST
i.V fluids manufacturing companies
i want to manufacturing small volume products 100ml range send me quotation with minimum quantity of all products via
digvijaysinh  |  26-Oct-2015 00:45:45 IST
Dear sir/mam
I am going to start my own formulation unit of tablet for contract manufacturing.i want to know in detail how price will be calculate of finished product. And also if all material will be provided from vendor then how it will calculate.
Pls give me ans as soon as id is
md junaid  |  05-Jan-2016 20:46:33 IST
Dear skr/mam,

I want to know about new lroduct formulation Procedure. so please tell me.

with regard
md junaid.
Amjad Ali  |  17-Jan-2016 16:42:53 IST
Sir ,
I want to do pharma business on Franchisee or Contract manufacturing basis.
Please tell me how can I do
Ravi Raj Singh  |  03-Aug-2016 02:29:08 IST
Anil  |  23-Sep-2016 01:29:33 IST
Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings from SilverSky Laboratories!!!

We are looking for a 3rd party manufacturer for the following molecules and combinations for a MOQ of 1000 boxes/units:

1. Teneligliptin 20 mg

2. Teneligliptin 20 mg + Metformin 500 mg

3. Teneligliptin 20 mg + Metformin 1000 mg

4. Methimazole 5 mg

5. Methimazole 10 mg

6. Pregabalin 75 mg + Nortryptiline 10 mg + Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg

7. Telmisartan 40 mg + Cilnidipine 10 mg

8. Cream of Allantoin 0.2 %W/W + Dimethicone 1 %W/W + Glycerin 5 %W/W + Liquid paraffin 8 %W/W + Propylene glycol 5 %W/W + Urea 10 %W/W

Kindly let us know the availability.
Amster Softgels  |  09-Oct-2016 19:05:04 IST
We are contract manufacturers having modern plant with excise benefit upto 2020 at Baddi ( Himachal) Approval list comprise of more than 160 formulations under Drug, Food and Natural Herbal extracts.For 3rd party enquiries contact S K Chugh at 7340938250
Hasmukh Sananse  |  02-Dec-2016 15:21:20 IST
Medi Tree India providing a platform to both the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies with all the database of both so that both have wider choice to select from. To assist potential buyers, companies and contract, Medi Tree India has full team to manage the outsourcing process on behalf of the buyers.
muralikrishna  |  28-Dec-2016 11:42:14 IST
K.R.S.Giri  |  21-Jan-2017 20:45:21 IST
I need Intimate wash liq 100ml under thir party manufacturing. We operate in Karnataka.
siva  |  05-Apr-2017 17:03:11 IST
hi I am siva, any analytical liaison (between foreign and Indian contract) jobs are there in india. please post if any available.
K C GEORGE  |  02-Dec-2017 15:15:17 IST
We are in the engineering field at the moment.
We propose to enter the pharma production field. We propose to get loan Manufacturing facility for our FDC product.
Being in Kerala, we shall be happy to make arrangements with units nearby if available.
If interested, please get in touch.
Thanking you,
K. C. George
bharat  |  12-Dec-2017 13:09:50 IST
Please let me know the best price you can offer
product list :

Amoxiciline 500 mg
Chloroquine Phosphate tablet 100mg
Nirupquin 100mg
Paracetamol Tablet 500mg
Quinine Sulphate 300mg
Diclofenac 50mg tablet
Medik 55
Mixagrip Tablet
Tetracycline Capsule 250mg
Paracme tablet 500mg
Ceftriaxone For Injection
Cotrimoxazole Tablet
Latrim 480
Dichlorhydratede Quinine Injectable 600mg 2ml
Phenylbutazine Tablet 100mg
Famsider 500/25mg
Kadcid 25mg
Erythromycin Suspension 250mg/5ml
Amoxicillin Oral Suspension 250mg/5ml
Ibusol Ibuprofen Suspension 100mg/5ml 100ml
Paracetamol Oral Syrup 125mg/5ml 60ml
Multivitamin Syrup 100ml
Amoxicillin Oral Suspension 250mg/5ml Dry
BNS 500mg
Medicold Time
Miconazole Nitrate Cream

all qty. 200 box.

you can mail me on
LOTUS MEDICARE  |  19-Dec-2017 12:50:15 IST
Third party manufacturing - Doxycycline 100 mg+ 5 billion lactic acid basillus spores (capsules) 1 Lac quantity. 
GIRISH MISHRA  |  07-Jan-2018 00:12:35 IST
We required antibiotics, gas, iron capsule and syrup, multivitamin, pain Celar tab, diabetes and BP tablet etc in Our brand name.
Please provide me your best quotation.

Thanking You
Ameer Mansoori  |  12-Jan-2018 02:07:38 IST
MAMTA BHATT  |  16-Jan-2018 13:51:51 IST
we are looking for quality generic drug manufacturers in and around dehradun. plz contact via mail
Dheeraj  |  03-May-2018 19:54:07 IST
We are Pharmaceutical manufacturing company located in Bangalore with a vast experience of 35+ years in the field of formulations manufacturing. Company looking for Contract or Third party manufacturing in Tablets, capsules, powders, liquid, bolus etc can contact us. We have both Allopathic and Ayurvedic plant separate for manufacturing on Loan license or third party basis. Interested can contact Dheeraj Mob- 9739978848
SITAKANT  |  04-May-2018 18:11:32 IST
I have own Plastic Injection Moulding Plant at Mumbai. I can provide Packing Box, containers ( Plastic) as per your requirement size with your company Logo. We have also in house mould making facility. Please consider and reply.
Vivek  |  24-Aug-2018 17:03:15 IST
Dear Sir/Mam,
We ishaana Nutraceuticals are manufacturers and contract manufacturers too. we deal with nutraceutical and herbaceutical formulations in india. If theres any prooduct of your interest feel free to contact the undersigned.
Thank you
Vivek Edward
Manager- Business Development
Ishaana Nutraceuticals
anjli Srivastava  |  20-Oct-2018 11:59:39 IST
B. Pharmacy
priyansh joshi  |  24-Oct-2018 01:57:32 IST
Third Party Manufacturing
(1) Rabeprazol 20 mg + Domperidone 30 mg capsules
(2) Iboprofen 100 mg + Paracetamol 162.5 mg suspension 100 ml
(3) Dicyclomine 20 mg + simethicone 25 mg + mefenamic acid 250 mg Tab
(4) Azithromycin 250 mg Tab
(5) Azithromycin 200 mg sus
(6) Amoxycillin 400 mg + clavulanic Acid 57 mg / 5ml with w.f.i
(7) Amoxycillin 200 mg + clavulanic Acid 28.5 mg / 5ml with w.f.i
(8) Dicyclomin 10 mg + Simethicone 40 mg / 5ml suspension 30 ml
(9) Aceclofenac 100 mg + Serratiopeptidase 15 mg + paracetamol 325 mg Tab
(10) sodium picosulphate 3.33 mg + Light liquid paraffin 1.25 ml + Milk of Magnesia 3.75 ml/5ml syrup 100 ml
(11) C.P.M 4 mg +
Phenylephrine 5 mg +
Guiaphenesine 100 mg+
Dextrometharphane 10 mg syp 60 ml /100 ml
(12) Lactic acid bacillas 60 million spores
Thiamine 2.5 mg
Riboflavin 2.5 mg
Pyridoxine 0.75 mg
Nicotinamide 22.5 mg
Folic acid 300 mcg
D- panthenol 2.5 mg Cap
v. murugan  |  18-Nov-2018 11:57:52 IST
dear sir , i am marketing fluorescein sodium injection IP 20% in 3ml ampoules for the last three decades in thoughout india . now i would like to make this product on loan licence basis. please let me know the right persons to contact.
manish agrawal  |  14-Jan-2019 13:06:10 IST
Sir/mam, I am staying in bhopal Madhya pradesh. we are looking manufacturer of IV fluid FFS technology who having WHO GMP product wise for govt. they quot the tender and we do all work like order procurement payment and proper delivery and settle the all things relate to supy and payment
Manglesh dubey  |  26-Feb-2019 15:30:18 IST
Please call in that no 8709656505 for manufacturing enquary
Hardyal Singh Gill  |  04-Mar-2019 00:46:16 IST
Dear sir

We like to buy a simple aqueous cream on a bulk scale in our Delhi manufacturing site.

The order will be on regular bases in future.

Please can you provide us a sample of your aqueous cream (100 grams will be ok).

• Ingredients in the aqueous cream
• Stability of the aqueous cream (shelf life)
• Which preservatives used in aqueous cream

Please give us quotation for aqueous cream based on 100 kg initially.


Hardyal Singh Gill

Our requirement is:

Here is the aqueous cream formulation 1 Kg
Aqueous cream made by Emulsifying ointment.

ingredients Formula
Emulsifying ointment 300 g
Purified deionised water 700 g
and preservative
Propyl Paraben 0.2%w/w
Butyl Paraben 0.2% w/w

The component of Emulsifying ointment. are Emulsifying wax , White soft paraffin and Liquid paraffin

Emulsifying wax 30% w/w ,
White soft paraffin 50% w/w
Liquid Paraffin 20% w/w
Hardyal Singh Gill  |  04-Mar-2019 00:47:21 IST
Dear sir

We like to buy a simple aqueous cream on a bulk scale in our Delhi manufacturing site.

The order will be on regular bases in future.

Please can you provide us a sample of your aqueous cream (100 grams will be ok).

• Ingredients in the aqueous cream
• Stability of the aqueous cream (shelf life)
• Which preservatives used in aqueous cream

Please give us quotation for aqueous cream based on 100 kg initially.


Hardyal Singh Gill

Hardyal Singh Gill  |  04-Mar-2019 00:47:55 IST
Dear sir

We like to buy a simple aqueous cream on a bulk scale in our Delhi manufacturing site.

The order will be on regular bases in future.

Please can you provide us a sample of your aqueous cream (100 grams will be ok).

• Ingredients in the aqueous cream
• Stability of the aqueous cream (shelf life)
• Which preservatives used in aqueous cream

Please give us quotation for aqueous cream based on 100 kg initially.


Hardyal Singh Gill

Hardyal Singh Gill  |  04-Mar-2019 00:48:23 IST
Dear sir
Dr Dayal Patel  |  01-Jun-2019 12:02:29 IST
We are manufacturing herbal & ayurvedic products, i will give franchises india domestic and international business. anyone interesting please contact me 9327134806 and mail me
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1) Elvita-Pro (spirulina) - A natural dietary supplement (Elements, vitamins, protein)
2) Axra-OR Tablet (Mproves flexibility joint, protect against damage of joints, reduce pain and inflammation.
3) Axspi Skin Food cream (Acne, sun burn, pimples, dark circle, anti aging)
4) Axspi Hair Food Oil (Spirulina, hair fail control, prevent split end, revital your hair from root and repair spilit hair.
5) Axra slim powder (Weight Loss)
Axra Life Sciences,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Mohsin  |  28-Aug-2022 17:08:42 IST
I need to manufacture these products for my comapany, please provide me rate and MRP for these finish goods,
Aceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 325mg +Serratiopeptidase 15mg
Amoxycillin 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg,6 tab strip
Cyproheptadine HCL 2mg + Tricolinecitrate 275mg
Enteric coated Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg +Sustained Release Domperidone 10mg
cifixime 100 mg tab
cefixime 200 mg tab

Please provide me rate list of other products so that i can i can go ahead for manufacturing of those product also
Mohsin  |  28-Aug-2022 17:10:46 IST
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