Pfizer Interview Tips for Pre-Reg Pharmacy Position

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Interview Question and Answer for Pfizer Company

Pfizer Interview  for Pre - Reg Pharmacy position

The timetable was as follows:
•    9.40 arrive at Pfizer
•    10.00 Coffee with Peers
•    10.20 Pre-reg overview
•    10.50 HR Information gathering
•    11.10 Technical interview
•    12.10 Depart
The hour long technical interview was split into two parts, personal and technical. I was given a few minutes to review the technical questions.

Part 1:
•    Tell us about yourself.
•    Hobbies and recreational activities
•    Pharmacy experience and what you learned
•    Highlights of your pharmacy experience to date
•    Low points of your pharmacy experience to date
•    What makes a good team?
•    Give an example of an experience in a team you found good
•    Give an example of an experience in a team you found poor and how would you/did you rectify it?
•    Why Pfizer and why this programme?
•    What do you particularly want to see on the programme?
•    Why should we choose you?

Part 2: 7 questions in total
•    A simple calculation (not written or answer needed just how would you solve the following)
•    Why would there be a reduced yield % in tablet production (this was in relation to my calculation question)
•    What would have to be considered in the formulation of eye drops for glaucoma?
•    What is Glaucoma and what is used to treat it?
•    Questions regarding therapeutic window, Cmax, Tmax, biopharmaceutical reasons as to why the conc/time plot for a formulation may
      differ from population to population?
•    Why would you not skip straight from pre-clinical testing of a drug straight to phase 3 clinical trials?
•    How would you increase the solubility if a drug?
•    Proprieties important to aerosol formulation.

Pharmacy students will be able to find all these answers in their MDM notes and Aulton's Pharmaceutics text available in the library. There were 150 applicants and only 21 were interviewed with only 6 places available so competition was very high.

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