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Preformulation: In Development of dosage form

Articles | F & D
21-Aug-2013  Views: 2137

Almost all drugs are marketed as tablets, capsules or both. Prior to the development of these major dosage forms, it is essential that pertain fundam ...

Introduction Formulation and Development

Articles | F & D
17-Aug-2013  Views: 1786

A formulation is a mixture that is prepared according to a specific procedure (called a “formula”). Formulations are made for particular applications ...

Formulation Development Preformulation

Articles | F & D
05-Apr-2013  Views: 2666

Pharmaceutical preformulation is a stage of drug development during which the physicochemical properties of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) a ...

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Articles | F & D
09-Jul-2011  Views: 13290

In medical terminology, pharmaceutical formulations refer to the process in which various kinds of chemical substances and active drugs are combined t ...
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