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Fortis Clinical Research a leading full service Indian CRO operational since 2005 providing clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies across the globe. Our comprehensive drug development services deliver expert quality and cost effective solutions for end to end management of clinical trials.Fortis Clinical Research has been approved by DCGI (India) and ANVISA (Brazil). Our clinical research studies have been inspected and approved by USFDA and afssaps (France).

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Welcome to Fortis Clinical Research Ltd. - CRO India

Fortis Clinical Research aleading full service Indian CRO operational since 2005 providing clinicalresearch services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companiesacross the globe. 

Our comprehensive drug development servicesdeliver expert quality and cost effective solutions for end to end managementof clinical trials.

Fortis Clinical Research has been approved byDCGI (India) and ANVISA (Brazil). Our clinical research studies have beeninspected and approved by USFDA and afssaps (France).


Be a leading and ethical provider of quality research services from India to facilitate the drug development efforts of the international pharmaceutical industry.

Vision : Imbibe and share the vision.

Integrity : Lead through honesty and integrity.

Respect : Earn respect.

Trust : Gain patient trust.

Understanding : Commit to compassion, care and understanding.

Own : Own quality excellence.

Uphold : Uphold innovation and continuous improvement.

Share : Develop and share success.

Quality Policy

Regulatory Compliance

All studies shall be conducted in strict compliance with national (DCGI) and international regulatory guidelines relevant to clinical research.


Commitment to Clients

The organization shall endeavor to meet the objectives of its clients through ensuring adherence to approved protocols, which will be governed by ethical and scientific norms.


Quality Procedures

Activities shall be carried out in accordance with defined Standard Operating Procedures, incorporating best practices established for all services offered.


Quality Assurance and Management Review

The organization shall ensure that all studies conducted in-house shall be subject to regular quality assurance audits and management review.


Continuous Improvement

The organization shall endeavor to promote continuous improvement amongst its technical staff in areas of technical expertise, quality systems, procedures and general skills.


Human Resource at Fortis CRO

FCRL boasts of a young and well qualified team of over 100 people. This vibrant team of professionals come from different backgrounds e.g. medicine, nursing, phlebotomy, pharmaceutics, bioanalytics, biochemistry, nutrition and statistics. A passion for excellence and commitment for their profession is what binds this team together.

As an organization, FCRL ensures this high level of professional excellence by regularly arranging for external and internal trainings for them. As core process, all new joinees undergo a n induction and training program in respective technical functions, GCP/GLP and safety measures. A monthly training calendar is maintained and rigidly followed by all sections in all relevant aspects for enhancing further skills and competencies.

All these qualified professionals are guided by respective members of our Core Team which is a blend of technical expertise and industry experience.




1st Study Awarded


DCGI Approval For CRO


50th Study Awarded


ANVISA(Brazil) Audit


100th Study Awarded


ANVISA(Brazil) Audit


150th Study Awarded


200th Study Awarded


afssaps (France) Audit


ANVISA(Brazil) Audit


250th Study Awarded






DCGI Fortis Site Audit


AGES Australia Inspection



Clinical Section

FCRL provides comprehensive trial management of early-phase clinical trials. Facility is designed specifically for conducting bioavailability and bioequivalence studies. The clinic has wide range of specialized instruments for management of adverse events, store investigational products, handle biological samples.

Bio Analytical Section

FCRL houses a fully GLP-compliant bioanalytical facility that is spread over 4500 sq. ft. with state-of-the-art infrastructure managed by qualified and trained scientists from varied fields of chemistry, analytical chemistry, biological sciences, pharmacokinetics, instrumentation and pharmacology. The combined diversity of backgrounds and experience gives us unique capabilities in the development of highly sensitive and robust assays.

The details of the bioanalytical infrastructure are as follows : 

Sample processing labs with provision to handle light-sensitive drugs

Instrument lab with HPLCs (Shimadzu) with UV and florescence detectors

Instrument lab with LC/MS/MS machines (Sciex API 4000)

Balance alcove (with anti vibration tables and analytical, top-loading & micro balance)

Sample store (with a -20°C walk-in cold room and -80°C deep freezers)

Validated Computerized Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System - Eurotherm

Validated and 21 CFR part-11 compliant chromatographic software systems with complete data back-up facilities

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and generator back-up

Information Technology

A well established IT infrastructure is at the core to provide valued driven research at Fortis Clinical Research.The IT infrastructure at FCRL includes the following state of the art hardware & software technologies:

Local area Network connecting 85 computers on gigabit cables

High End IBM servers with Xeon based processor and RAID

Anti-spam LINUX based server

CISCO managed LAN switches

CISCO firewall and Fortigate UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances

Instrument softwares e.g. analyst, LC solutions running on DELL and IBM computers

SAS (Version 9.1.3)

WinNonlin (Version 5.0.1)

In-house-developed volunteer data management system with biometric scanner

High speed internet connectivity

Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Studies in India

BA/BE Studies Services

Bioequivalence and Bioavailability studies are one of the key services that we offer at our GCP/GLP compliant centre. The various studies on bioavailability, bioequivalence and pharmacokinetics on variety of dosage forms are conducted at our center in Faridabad, in strict compliance with national and international regulatory requirements.

FCRL’s bioanalytical services – from method development to method validation to sample analysis – are managed by highly trained and experienced scientists with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

All the critical steps of BA/BE studies undergo vigorous quality control checks to ensure data integrity and authenticity. Also all the studies are monitored by an independent quality assurance department. 

Our expertise in bio-analytical services has ensured the development of over 140 validated bio-analytical methods in last few years and it is a continuous process where-in the analytical team keeps developing the method on demand. We have constituted a dedicated team to develop and validate new methods for BA/BE studies. Our expertise in Bio Studies includes BA/BE Studies, Phase I Studies (conducted in healthy volunteers)andPK/PD Studies. 


Method development/validation for drug/metabolite(s) assays for pharmacokinetic studies

Methods for drug-drug interaction studies and multianalytes assays

Bioanalysis of drug and metabolites in a variety of biological matrices from preclinical and clinical trials

Ability to develop and validate highly sensitive assays in low pg/mL range

List of more than 140 validated methods

Ability to develop and validate methods well in advance based on patent expiry and business sense

Ability to accommodate projects with rapid turn-around-times

Qualified, trained & experienced team of bioanalytical professionals


Sample Storage

All study samples are stored in secure freezers, controlled and continuously monitored and supported by a standby generator & UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system.

Low temperature storage (-20°C and -70°C)

Clinical Trials Services India

Promote Safe, Clinically Advanced Phase I Studies
To achieve the objective of safely advance the drug candidate through phase I study we focus on maximizing critical data through strategic study design ensuring subject safety and efficiently capturing quality PK and PD data in phase 1 clinical trials.

Clinical Pharmacology:

Clinical Pharmacology – Scientific Steps in Safety 
To move from Phase I to Phase II and then to guide the dosing-regimen design for Phase III clinical trials studies, that need to:

Promote the safety of your drug by maximizing the benefits and minimizing the side effects

Effectively communicate with regulatory agencies

We provide the full spectrum of Pharmacokinetic (PK) / Pharmacodynamic (PD) clinical trials services – from coordinating First-in-Human studies to negotiating pharmacokinetics labeling. With our scientists, we work to: 

Integrate early development PK/PD data to design First-in-Human studies and support registration, including estimating doses

Assess Phase I safety/dose tolerance

Prepare components of IND, CTD, and NDA submissions

Perform PK/PD modeling to guide dosing-regimen design for Phase III studies

Clinic Profile:

The Volunteer’s Clinical Experience 
To provide a safe environment and a rewarding experience for healthy volunteers during clinical trials, with 78 beds facility FCRL delivers that atmosphere, drawing on more than 5 years' experience handling BA/BE & Phase I clinical research.. We employ full-time physicians, a team of RN/BSN nurses and pharmacists to oversee the conduct of all studies. Our clinics specialize in:

Drug interaction studies

Age and gender studies

First in man single and multiple dose administration & studies

Women’s health studies

One to 45-day housed, multidose studies

Clinical Trials Phase Studies


Therapeutic Expertise

Project Management

Data Management and Biometrics

Site Management

Medical Writing

Quality Assurance and Clinical Audit

Central Laboratory

Central Pharmacy

Therapeutic Expertise and Experience


End to end management of Phase II – IV clinical trials: Pre Study – Close Out

Conducted over 400 clinical trials including 124 Phase I – IV clinical trials and device trials

  • Phase I: 05
  • Phase II: 35
  • Phase III: 44
  • Phase IV: 28
  • Device Trials: 12

Feasibility and Site Selection

Fortis Clinical Research helps in identification and selection of qualified investigators in accordance to the therapeutic area of the clinical trial from the investigators database. A robust feasibility is carried out at various sites and the data is analyzed to provide you the best of the sites. 

Sites are selected based on the following criteria:

Therapeutic Area of the clinical trial

Investigator qualification and clinical trial experience in similar trials

Subject number expected to be recruited

Qualification and experience of the site staff

Facilities at the site: equipments, laboratory etc.

Trial specific requirements

Quality systems at the site

Our experienced feasibility team consisting of medical doctors collects the data and provides a feasibility report in timely manner.

Project Management

Our project managers are medically qualified doctors with vast experience in end to end management of clinical trials. Project managers are a key for the successful completion of any clinical trial. Our project managers bring with them therapeutic expertise and experience of working on global clinical trials; having successfully cleared various sponsor audits and inspections. 

The project manager ensures:

Overall project management for timely deliverables and ensuring quality

Creation of project plan, implementing goals and deadlines

First line of communication with the sponsor

Provide day-to-day direction to key project team members and operational team leaders

Mobilizing internal resource to meet needs of the project

Managing changes to project plan and communicating their resultant strategic implementation through the project team

Clinical Research Monitoring Services

Our team of Project Managers, Senior Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Trial Assistants bring with them years of clinical monitoring experience across various therapeutic areas. 

Monitoring Deliverables include

Site Qualification Visits

Site Initiation Visits

Interim Monitoring Visits

Site Close-out Visits

CRAs carry out site qualification visit, site initiation visit, interim monitoring visit and site closeout visit to provide site training, site readiness for initiation, source document verification, CRF review/retrieval, data query resolution and completion of data at site before database lock.  

Monitors with prior experience in specific therapeutic area are assigned to a project which helps in understanding the intricacies and complexities of the study protocol. The team ensures to provide quality data and delivers a package of smooth and successful site initiation, regular site performance check with feedback and successful close out of each study.    

All trials are performed in strict adherence to the local regulatory guidelines, ICH GCP guidelines and the Standard Operating Procedures.

Regulatory Services

With India emerging as a credible destination for conducting global clinical trials, FCRL is positioned for dynamic growth. Our proven scientific excellence together with full-scale clinical research capabilities enable us to undertake and deliver challenging studies for our global as well as local partners.

We have extensive working knowledge of a wide range of drug molecules. All activities are carried out in strict compliance with regulatory and ICH GCP requirements. We have successfully cleared regulatory audits from DCGI (India), USFDA, afssaps (France) and ANVISA (Brazil). 

We customarily provide drug development regulatory services (for clinical trials, PK/PD/BA/BE studies, and for preparing regulatory dossiers) to various major pharmaceutical companies & sponsors. 

Services offered at FCRL include:

Providing guidance on Indian regulatory environment & requirements,

Compiling dossiers,

Making regulatory submissions,

Liaisoning on behalf of clients,

Query resolutions at the office of Drugs Controller General (India),

Receiving registration documents on behalf of client and

Submission maintenance activities to regulatory authorities.

Our clear understanding of Indian and international regulatory requirements and excellent liaisoning facilitates swift approvals. Our interface substantially speeds up the process of regulatory clearance for your protocols and dossiers.

Clinical Data Management

Clinical data is of utmost importance for the successful completion of a clinical trials. Fortis Clinical Research follows strict procedures and review processes to maintain the integrity of the clinical data. 

Our experienced team of clinical data managers, validation associates, SAS programmers, biostatisticians and medical coders work closely with the clients to determine the project specific requirements and deliver the needs in a timely manner. 

Our Clinical Data Management Services Deliverables include:

Clinical Data Management

SAS Programming


The clinical data management system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and strict quality and security systems are followed throughout the project. 

Clinical Data Management includes:

Project Management

Database setup and designing using Clinion, SAS PheedIT and Oracle

CRF designing, data entry, CRF tracking and data cleaning

Data Capture: Paper CRF and eCRF

Medical Coding

Data Validation and Query Management

SAS Programming and Data Analysis

Medical Writer

Fortis Clinical Research has a team of medical writers with extensive medical writing knowledge, writing skills and vast experience in Pharma & Biotech companies and CROs. 

The team excels in providing quality data with quick turn around time. the Medical writing services includes: 

Regulatory Writing

Clinical Trial protocols (ICH E6)

Clinical study reports (ICH E3)

New drug applications (NDA)

Abbreviated New drug applications (ANDA)

Clinical sections of common technical document (CTD and eCTD)

Periodic and annual safety update reports

Medical Communications:




Medical Monitoring

Fortis Clinical Research has an experienced team of physicians and medical monitors for safety management of the investigator sites. 

Our services include:

Developing a safety management plan

Processing the Serious Adverse Events

Reporting of Serious Adverse Events

Developing Safety Narratives and submission of Serious Adverse Events to the regulatory authorities

Maintaining a project specific safety database with trend analysis

Monitoring of the safety data and reconciliation of the safety data

Clinical Research Site Management

Network of experienced physicians and coordinators across India, which is continuously expanding.

Excellence in Onsite Coordination and Monitoring of Phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials.

Dedicated full time certified Clinical Research Coordinators experienced in working with Pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations

Quality source documentation, case report forms and other paperwork. Sites have cleared many audits and inspections

Sites that are top enrollers nationwide on multiple studies by virtue of their inherent merits

"Centralized organizational Structure" offers Sponsor and CRO clients immediate access to several pre-qualified investigators in all therapeutic segments

Chain of over 75 group owned hospitals in India provides seamless SMO operations

Central Laboratory

A central laboratory leader in India

India’s first central laboratory to get ISO 15189:2007 NABL and CAP accreditation

45 laboratories across India with 1200 collection centers and experience of over 550 clinical trials for over 35 therapeutic segments

Extends services to approx 8 million patients annually

24-hour dedicated sample archiving facility

Dedicated Clinical Research Service department

Real time web based online reporting systems

Central Pharmacy

Situated in FCRL, Sunflag Hospital Faridabad

Temperature Humidity controlled storage conditions

  • Ambient temperature (15-25° C)
  • Refrigerated Storage (2-8° C)
  • Storage at deep freeze (- 80° C)

Calibrated instruments

Highly secure systems

Limited Access to personnel

Quality Assurance and Training Services

Quality Assurance Services ensures that all clinical studies/clinical trials conducted by Fortis Clinical research on behalf of our clients always accurately follow strict regulatory guidelines and global quality standards. Our team ensures that studies/trials are conducted based on up to date knowledge of local regulations. This is to ensure patient well-being is always protected and data integrity maintained.

Training services include in addition to meeting comprehensive training needs of in house personnel we help our clients achieve the level of expertise required through our high quality, user-friendly and cost-effective training programs - whether you need to train for a career in clinical trials, or update your knowledge with current programs.

Programs cover wide variety of clinical trials issues, viz. ICH GCP Principles; Regulatory affairs; clinical trial documentation; ethics; monitoring; project management; roles & responsibilities; quality assurance; audits & inspections; introduction to pharmacology; pharmacovigilance; bio equivalence & bio availability studies; data management; bio statistics; SAS; European, USFDA Schedule Y and other regulations; medical & scientific writing; investigator training, CRA/CRC training and several other trial issues.

We are a training partner to Cliniminds in conducting 6 months classroom Certificate program in Bioanalytical Techniques/LCMS MS - 3 month’s practical training to be given at FCRL.

Knowledgeable Quality Assurance Auditors. 
All Quality assurance auditors are knowledgeable about local, national and international regulations, standards and guidelines. They have conducted quality assurance programs for preclinical and clinical studies throughout the world. Our QA staff comprises of qualified physicians, Masters/bachelors in pharmacy and PGD in clinical Research. 

Variety of Quality Assurance Audits 
In addition to a comprehensive internal clinical quality assurance program, our auditors provide clinical quality assurance audit services to our clients as part of a full-service or a standalone project. Our thorough assessment and insightful, objective recommendations help sponsors and sites develop the most effective actions to correct and prevent issues.

Among the clinical quality assurance audits we conduct are:

1. Project audits, e.g. investigator files, investigator site audits (We provide routine, directed, specialized and pre-inspection audits to help sites prepare for regulatory agency reviews), trial master file audits, database audits, statistical report audits, clinical study report audits and regulatory submission audits.
Review Method validation reports, instrument calibration and maintenance, sample analysis, raw data verification, in-process auditing, analytical report, personnel training and complete study reports of Bio equivalence Projects.

2. System audits in which we assess client standard operating procedures (SOPs), processes and staff training programs and recommend improvements where needed.

3. Vendor audits in which auditors evaluate a client's vendors to ensure they have sufficient capacity and capability to deliver quality products and services on time and in compliance with regulations. In all cases, the Quality Assurance Services lead liaises with all relevant project stakeholders regarding any quality issues, study status and planning of audits. Following the audit, audit reports identify issues for the responsible parties to resolve at the project level. If broader, systematic issues are identified, plans to resolve these issues are operationalized too.

Finally, follow up is put in place for all issues with a corrective action plan, and all critical and major issues are followed to resolution.

Additional services include:

Perform in-life study audits, facility based audits and report/raw data audit to assess the facilities, equipment, procedures, methods, and documentation systems used in the generation of data are in compliance with systems and procedures defined in SOPs, protocol, regulatory guidelines and Quality manual/Quality policies.

Preclinical auditing services

Quality metrics for management reporting

Write and revise SOPs to ensure compliance with GLP/GCP as well as other implemented SOPs and policies.

Standalone auditing service, including investigator brochures, protocols and informed consent forms (and amendments) and regulatory submission documents

Review the Instrument qualification records, validation protocols of computer systems associated with equipments for acquisitions, processing and reporting of data.

Investigator meeting support, e.g. presentations on GCP, common audit findings and handling regulatory inspections at sites

Regulatory inspection support, e.g. hosting inspections or preparing investigator sites for inspections.


Regulatory Inspections

AGES PharmMed – April 2012

Successful inspection of a Bioequivalence study and Quality Management System of FCRL by AGES PharmMed – Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety and BASG – Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care” done in April 2012.


USFDA - July 2010, June 2011 and October 2011

Our studies have been inspected and approved by USFDA.


afssaps (France) February 2008

The FCRL facility has been inspected by the French Regulatory Authority, afssaps. It underwent a successful audit for two studies submitted to France and Denmark. The inspection covered all aspects of the study related activities- besides facility & quality systems audit.


ANVISA (Brazil) March 2006, August 2007, August 2009 and February 2012

Approved as a GCP-compliant site for clinical, bioanalytical and statistical support for BA/BE studies.


DCGI (India) January 2006

Approved by Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) to conduct clinical studies with the new Drugs.


DSIR (India)

Approved as a research centre by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India.

Choosing India for Clinical Research Services

Fortis Clinical Research is one of the fastest growing names in the domain of clinical research in India. We offer client –centric account management system for end to end management of late stage clinical development. 

Our Differentiators:

  • Hospital based 78 bedded facility approved by DCGI (India) and ANVISA (Brazil) for early stage clinical development. Succesfully cleared inspections by USFDA, afssaps (France) for various studies and recently inspected by Austrian Agengy (AGES).
  • Access to over 75 super specialty hospitals which helps in faster site identification and investigators selection.
  • Our Investigators are widely experienced, renowned and key opinion leaders
  • Excellent follow up ensures reduced subject drop outs
  • Central ethics committee across Fortis clinical sites makes the clinical trial protocol review and approval process quick and hassle free

Jobs in Clinical Research at FCRL

Current Openings

Clinical Study Coordination

Role :

  • Assists the clinical investigator in efficiently executing the logistics of all clinical studies at the CRO

Responsibilities :

Primary :

  • To assist in preparation of protocol and its appendices
  • To interact with the caterer to ensure timely provision of meals as per approved meal plans
  • To ensure sufficient numbers of ICFs are available in the required languages to obtain the informed consent before start of the study
  • To make logistical provisions required by the protocol: path lab, clinical supplies, water, meals, etc.
  • To check vital signs sheet and adverse events monitoring sheets of subjects along with all raw data form
  • To monitor safety parameters during clinical studies
  • To write and revise SOPs and ensure compliance with all current policies and procedures
  • To assist in compilation of raw data related to safety of subjects

Secondary :

  • To be available at centre during in house part of study to handle medical emergencies
  • To check vital signs sheet and adverse events monitoring sheets of subjects
  • To review medical screening records and ascertain suitability of subjects
  • Volunteer selection, informed consent procedure as per defined procedure
  • To conduct clinical examination of all subjects participating during all clinical studies
  • Preparation of clinical report and study update


Quality Control (Bioanalytical Section)

Role :

  • Assist Head- Bioanalytical in ensuring GLP and applicable regulatory compliance to achieve and maintain desired quality standards

Responsibilities :

  • Ensuring strict compliance with GLP norms in the bioanalytical section
  • Monitoring compliance with Standard Operating Procedures
  • Checking documentation for every procedure carried out from Analysis to reporting of results
  • Preparation of Standard Operation Procedures for various activities
  • To coordinate monthly training sessions for the bioanalytical staff
  • To impart training to all personnel for implementation of quality systems
  • Preparation of the department for External Audits & Inspections
  • Preparation of training schedule for the new employees
  • Conduct of regular QA Audits to verify compliance to Quality Systems



Role :

  • Assists the Group Leader Bioanalytical in the lab operations and execution of the study as per GLP and applicable regulatory standards

Responsibilities :

  • To participate in the day-to-day activities related to method development, method validation and study sample analysis in the lab in consultation with the group leader/ senior Analyst
  • To procure and maintain reference standards, reagents, analytical columns etc
  • To initiate, check and supervise the calibration/maintenance of equipment (HPLC, LC-MS/MS etc.
  • To assist the senior scientist for checking/review of all SOPs including method SOPs, method validation reports and bioanalytical reports of the projects
  • To anticipate and plan project related purchase activities
  • To monitor the receipt of study samples from clinical unit
  • Collection of literature for the projects on method development and validation
  • Study related documentation


Instrumentation Engineer

Role :

  • Assists the Head - Clinical / Bioanalytical operations to provide GLP support on maintenance, calibration and validation of instruments

Responsibilities :

  • Ensure smooth functioning of the instruments by coordinate with supplier and vendors
  • Maintenance of Instruments/equipments spare parts & inventory
  • Maintenance of Eurotherm temperature recording system for freezers and cold room
  • Maintenance of centrifuges
  • Ensure appropriate documentation in instrument/equipment logbooks
  • Calibration of all instruments and equipments
  • Updating SOPs for all instruments and equipments
  • Ensuring Preventive maintenance of all instruments and maintaining the schedules
  • Maintenance of IQ/OQ/PQ documents of all instruments


Quality Control - Clinical

Role :

  • Assist the Head, Clinical Operations in implementing quality control activities by verifying the trial- related activities for fulfilling ICH-GCP, GLP requirements in all clinical studies at the CRO.

Responsibilities :

  • To assess and implement quality control measures at all levels to increase efficiency and work standard.
  • To ensure studies are more compliant with SOP, Protocol and applicable regulatory guidelines.
  • To conduct online checks during study to increase quality and to prevent sponsor and quality assurance observations.
  • To impart training on relative SOPs’ and quality programme.
  • To assist Head, Clinical Operations to maintain timelines in the conduct of study procedures and training.
  • To conduct meeting and to discuss quality assurance audit observations and prevent recurrence.
  • To review and modify the required clinical/general SOP as need arises.


FCRL Locations

We encourage our clients to visit Fortis Clinical Research and to assess first hand the quality of our facility and services.  We look forward to welcoming you in Faridabad. 

Address : 
Fortis Clinical Research Ltd. (FCRL)
Sunflag Hospital & Research Center,
Sector 16-A, Faridabad 121 002 (Haryana)

Contact Numbers : 
Phone : +91-129-4090-900
Fax : +91-129-4090-924


From Delhi / NOIDA

1. If coming on Ring Road from Dhaula Kuan, make a Right turn on Mathura Road below the Ashram flyover; if coming from NOIDA, make a Left turn.

2. Drive straight on Mathura Road past Haldiram and Delhi-Haryana Badarpur border. When you reach Haldiram (on the Right side of your road), please note Odometer reading of your car and drive for another 13.4 Km to reach Magpie Tourist Complex on your Left (If you happen to reach Crown/Ansall Plaza, you’ve overshot Magpie !).

3. Make a Left turn just after Magpie and drive straight for another half kilometer to reach a traffic signal – make a left turn again and the Sunflag Hospital will be on your Left.

4. Make a Left turn to enter Sunflag Hospital. Visitors Parking is on the Right side of the Main Gate.

5. Walk down to the main entrance of the Hospital building and come to the First Floor through lift or staircase. Make a Left turn towards the laboratory area, walk through the corridor and past SRL Labs to reach FCRL on your Right.

From Gurgaon

1. Take the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road from the Bristol Hotel roundabout in DLF Phase I and drive through the scenic environment for about 25 Km until the road ends at a T-Junction in Faridabad.

2. Make a Left followed by a first available Right turn. Go straight on the road opposite the Masjid (DO NOT make any turn at the Masjid) until the road ends at a T-Junction. Lions Community Centre is in front of you.

3. Make a Left on this road followed by a Right at the roundabout. Go straight through another roundabout and over the flyover, then a Left turn on to Mathura Road followed by a second available Right. Go for half a kilometer, Sunflag Hospital is on your Left. Now follow Steps 4-5 given above.


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