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Biochemistry MCQS:

Biochemistry MCQS:

1: dna without introns is?
A. B dna
b. Z dna
c. C dna
d. Mitochondrial dna

2: all are true about glutathione except?
A. Converts hemoglobin to methemoglobin
b. Decreases free radicals
c. Helps in conjugation reaction
d. Co factor of various enzymes

3: Ribosome has followin enzymatic activity?
A. Peptidyl transferase
b. Amino acyl t rna synthetase
c. Peptidase

4: which enzyme is responsible for carboxylation reaction?
A. Biotin
D. Thiamine pyrophosphate
5q: Glowing of firefly is due to?
A. Atp
b. Nadh
c. Gtp
d. Phospho creatinine

6: in carboxylation of clotting factors by vit k which amino acid is carboxylated?
A. aspartate
b. Glutamate
c. Histamine
d. Histidine

7: synthesis of a immunoglobulin in membrane bound or independent form is determined by?
A. One turn two turn joining rule
b. Allelic exclusion
c. Class switching
d. Differential rna processing

8: phosphorlase b is inhibited by?
A. Atp
b. Amp
c. Glucose
d. Calcium

9: In metabolism of xenobiotics all of the followin reactions occour in phase one except?
A. Conjugation
b. Reduction
c. Hydrolysis

10: Which is not a second messenger?
A. Amp
b. Guanyl cyclase
c. Dag
d. Ip3

11: structure of proteins can be determined by all except?
A. Mass spectrometry
b. Nmr spectrometry
c. Hplc

12: Functions of thiamine?
A. Co enzyme of pyruvate dehydrogenase and alpha keto dehydrogenase
b. Co enzyme of trans ketolase

13: replacing alanine by which amino acid will increase the absorbance of proteins at 280nm?
A. Leucine
c. Proline
d. Arginine
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