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The textbook on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology provides comprehensively the fundamental concepts and principles in Biotechnology to expatiate and substantiate its numerous modern applications with regard to the spectacular development in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In a broader perspective, the students studying Biotechnology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels shall be grossly benefited by its well-planned, systematically developed, structured, illustrated, expanded, elaborated, and profusely exemplifi

Textbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

by Ashutoshkar   K.Sambamurthy  
Language: English
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Book Summary of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The textbook on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology provides comprehensively the fundamental concepts and principles in Biotechnology to expatiate and substantiate its numerous modern applications with regard to the spectacular development in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In a broader perspective, the students studying Biotechnology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels shall be grossly benefited by its well-planned, systematically developed, structured, illustrated, expanded, elaborated, and profusely exemplified subject matter. It essentially comprises five major chapters, namely : Immunology and Immunological Preparations; Genetic Recombination; Antibiotics; Microbial Transformations; and Enzyme Immobilization. Besides, there are five, auxiliary chapters, namely : Advent of Biotechnology; Biosensor Technology; Bioinformatics and  Data Mining; Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology; and Safety in Biotechnology, which have been specifically included so as to stimulate the students, interest and broaden their horizon of knowledge and wisdom.

The authors earnestly believe that the wide coverage of various topics mentioned above would certainly render Pharmaceutical Biotechnology to serve as an exclusive source of informations, ideas, inspirations towards research, and finding newer possible practical solutions to problems encountered in ;the evergreen pasture using knowledge of Biotechnology in the Pharmaceutical Industry .

About The Author:

Professor K. Sambamurthy (Late) was well-known and renowned academician in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He served as a Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacy, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, for several years. He was pioneer in establishing the Department of Biotechnology at the Andhra University with his broad vision, academic experience and ocean of knowledge and wisdom. He also held the status of an Emeritus Professor of UGC for several years. He has guided several P.G./Ph.D. students for their research projects meticulously.

Professor Sambamurthy`s textbook on Pharmaceutical Engineering is an excellent academic contribution to the pharmacy students in Indian universities. His research interest is adequately reflected through his copious volumes of publications in international and national scientific journals.

Ashutosh Kar is a well-known Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry , presently, teaching at Shri RNS College of Pharmacy, Gormi, Bhind (M.P.). He has to his credit twenty-seven years teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate levels both in Indian Universities and abroad. He has published more than twenty research papers based on pharmacological studies on natural and synthetic drugs in international and national scientific journals. He has taught at School of Pharmacy, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) (2002-2005); Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar (India) (1999-2002); Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi, (Libya) (1997-1998); College of Pharmacy (University of Delhi), Delhi (India) (1990-1994); Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Nigeria) (1976-1987).

Professor Kar has an excellent track record in academic institutions of high repute, and actively engaged in teaching, research, administration, and service to his profession. He has to his credit more than fifty research papers, and guided several PG/Ph.D., students in Nigeria, India, and Ethiopia. He has bagged the University Gold Medal in B.Pharm., and M.Pharm. examinations from the University of Saugar, Saugor (M.P.) and completed his Ph.D. He is the life member of several national professional bodies like: APTI, IPGA, and ISTE.

Professor Kar has been conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award, 2008, by the Indian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Technologists, Kolkata for his immerse contribution in the Indian Pharmacy Profession on the 19th January, 2008.

Professor Kar has completed twelve textbooks, namely: Medicinal Chemistry (5th/edn: 2010); Pharmaceutical Drug Analysis (3rd/edn: 2011); Pharmacognosy and Pharmacobiotechnology (2nd/edn: 2006); Advanced Practical Medicinal Chemistry (2004); Pharmaceutical Biotechnology [2005 (HB) & 2006 (PB)]; Pharmaceutical Microbiology (2006); Pharmaceutical Pharmacology (2009); Pharmaceutical Analysis Vol. I (2007); Pharmaceutical Analysis Vol. II (2009); Essentials of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (2010); Industrial Pharmacy Management (2010) and Pharmaceutical Technology (PB, 2011, in Press) Besides, Professor Kar ten year stint of industrial experience in Public Limited Companies as: General Manager (R&D), Production Manager (Food), and Research and Development Officer has inculcated in him a tremendous in-built stimulus of sophisticated research academic laboratories both in the African Continent and top-notch Indian Universities.

Table Of Contents

  • Immunology and Immunological Preparations
  • Genetic Recombination
  • Antibiotics
  • Microbial Transformations
  • Enzyme Immobilization
  • Advent of Biotechnology
  • Biosensor Technology
  • Bioinformatics and Data Mining
  • Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology
  • Safety in Biotechnology

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  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Details Of Book : Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Book:Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Author:Ashutoshkar  K.Sambamurthy 
Publishing Date:2006
Number of Pages:504

List of Books of Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 
Sr. No. Books Name Author Name
1 Microbiology: a laboratory manual Cappuccino and Sherma
2 Schaums’s out lines Microbiology I. Edward Alcamo
3 Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology N.Kannan
4 An Introduction to Microbiology P.Tauro, K.K.Kapoor, K.S.Yadav
5 Instant Notes Microbiology J.Nicklin,K.Graeme-Cook and R.Killington
6 Modern Food microbiology James M. Jay
7 Fundamentals of Microbiology I.Edward Alcamo
8 Microbiology:Principles and Explorations Jacquelyn G.Black
9 Jewetz,Melnick&Adleberg’s Medical Microbiology Geo.F.Brooks,Janet S.Butel,Stephen A.Morse
10 Basic food Microbiology George J.Banwart
11 Introduction to Microbiology A.S.Rao
12 Microbiology :A Systems approach Marjorie Kelly Cowan, Kathleen Park Talaro
13 Medical Microbiology & Immunology Warren Levinson,Earnest Jawtz
14 Text book of Microbiology S.Sundara Rajan
15 Microbiology Prescott,Harley,Klein
16 A Text book of Microbiology S.Ram Reddy,S.M.Reddy
17 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Purohit,Saluja,Kakrani
18 Pharmaceutical Microbiology N.K.Jain
19 Microbiology: the Clinical Laboratory Manual Series Jacquelyn Marshall
20 Industrial Microbiology L.E.Casida,J.R
21 Pharmaceutical Microbiology:Concepts&Techniques D.C.Bhatt,Asgar Ali
22 Essentials of Microbiology K.S.Bilgrami,R.K.Sinha
23 Microbiology Robert W.Bauman
24 Food Microbiology M.R.Adams,M.O.Moss
25 Experiments Microbiology Plant Pathology and Biotechnology K.R.Aneja
26 Microbiology P.D. Sharma
27 Wine Microbiology: Science and Technology Claudio Delfini,Joseph V.Formica
28 Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Arnold
29 L.Demain and Julian E.Davies
30 Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and frontires Michael P.Doyle,Larry R.Beuchat,Thomas J.Montivbille
31 Introductory Microbiology J.Heritage,E.G.V.Evans&R.A.Killington
32 Microbiology:Diversity,Disease and The Environment Abigail A. Sayers, Dixie D.Whitt
33 Foundation in Microbiology KathleenTalaro,Arthur Talaro
34 Microbiology: a human perspective Nester,Anderson,Roberts,Pearsall,
35 Notes&Cases Microbiology and Immunology Monica Gandhi, Paul Baum,C.Bradley,Aaron B.Caughey
36 Introduction to Microbiology: A Case history Approach John L.Ingraham,Catherine A.Ingraham
37 Microbiology   Pelczar
38 Hugo &Russell’s Pharmaceutical Microbiology Ed/Denyer, Stephen.P ; Hodge ,Norman A.and Gorman,Sean P.
39 Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology Ananthanarayan
40 Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology Ananthanarayan
41 Microbiology Fundamentals and Applications Purohit, S.S.
42 Industrial Microbiology Prescott, Samuel C. and Dunn, Cecil
43 Prescott & Dunn,s Industrial Microbiology Prescott & Dunn,s
44 Industrial Microbiology: fundamentals and applications Agrawal, A.K and Parihar, Pradeep
45 Medical Microbiology Greenwood, Davi and Slack, Richard C.B.
46 Microbiology Walker, Stuart T.
47 Clinical Microbiology Nagoba, B.S.
48 Laboratory Manual in Microbiology Gunasekaran, K
49 Calculations for Molecular Biology and Bitechnology:a Frank H. Stephenson
50 guide to Mathematics in the Laboratory
51 Molecular Modelling:Principles and Applications Andrew R.Leach
52 Molecular Modeling and Simulation Tamar Schlick
53 Biological Concepts and Techniques in Toxicology: An integrated approach Jim E. Riviere
54 Fundamental Principles of Bacteriology A.J.Salle
55 Contemporary Nutrition Gordon M.Wardlaw,Paul M.Insel,Marcia F.Seyler
56 Food Science B.Srilakshmi
57 Bioinformatics: The machine Learning approach Pierre Baldi and Soren Brunak
58 Instant Notes Bioinformatics David R.Westhead,J.Howard Parish, Richard M.Twyman
59 Algorithms in Bioinformatics Gray Benson,Roderic Page
60 Introduction to Bioinformatics Arthur M.Lesk
61 Introduction to Bioinformatics T.K.Attwood,D.J.Parry-Smith
62 Discovering Genomics,Proteomics,&Bioinformatics A. Malcolm Campbell,Laurie J.Heyer
63 Bioinformatics Methods and Protocols Bhagavan Misener,Bhagavan A.Krawetz
64 Informational Biopolymers of Genes and Gene Expression R.D.Blake
65 Medical Immunology Tristram G.Parslow,Daniel P. Stites,Abba I.Terr,John B.Imboden 
66 Imuunology:The clinical Laboratory manual series Jaunita smith
67 Clinical Aspects of Immunology Peter J.Lach Man,Kieth Peters,Fred S. Rosen,Mark J.Walport
68 Basic Virology Edward K.Wagner,Martinez J.Hewlett
69 Immunology: An Introduction Tizard
70 Principles of Cloning Jose Cibelli,Robert P.Lanza,Keith H.S.Campbell,Michael D.West
71 Bioprobes:Biochemical Tools for Investigating Cell functions H.Osada
72 Disinfection, Sterilization and Preservation Seymour S.Block
73 Vitamins That Heal: Natural Immunity for Better Health H.K.Bakhru
74 Molecular and Immunologic Approaches Brai E.Huber,Brain I.Carr
75 Immunology and Immunotechnology Ashim K.Chakravarty
76 Using Antibodies Harlow,David Lane
77 Introduction to Biotechnology CM Brown, I Campbell G Priest
78 Molecular Biotechnology S.B.Primrose
79 Introduction to Biotechnology K.S.Bilgrami,A.K.Pandey
80 Environmental Biotechnology S.N.Jogand
81 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: An introduction to pharmacists and pharmaceutical Scientists Daan J.A.Crommelin and Robert D. Sindelar
82 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Sambamurthy, Ashutosh 
83 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications S.Kori,M.A.Halkai
84 Biotechnology Keshav Trehan
85 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Purohit,Kakrani,Saluja
86 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology S.P.Vyas,V.K.Dixit
87 Introduction to Applied Biology&Biotechnology K.Vidyanath,K.Pratap Reddy,K.Stya Prasad
88 Fruit vegetables Biotechnology Victoriono Valpuesta
89 Food Lipids:Chemistry,Nutrition and Biotechnology Casimir C.Akoh,David B.Min
90 Food Biotechnology Dietrich Knorr
91 Basic Biotechnology Colion Ratledge and Bjorn Kristiansen
92 Plant Biotechnology Adrian Slater, Nigel Scott, and Mark Fowler
93 Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology Gray Siuzdak
94 Biotechnology: the biological principles Trevan, M.D….[et al.]
95 Industrial Biotechnology: problems and remedies Thakur, Indu Shekhar
96 Research Profile of Biotechnology Activities in India: directory Arora, J.R and Madhan, Mohan T
97 Biotechnology: laboratory course Becker, Jeffrey and Caldwell, Guy A.
98 An Introduction to Bioinformatics  Kothekar, Vidya and Nandi, Tannisha
99 Ethnomedicine of North-East India Singh, Gian and Mukheree
100 Genetic Programming: An Introduction Wolfgang Banzhaf,Peter Nordi,Robert E.Keller
101 Principle of Gene Manipulation and Genomics  S.B.Primrose and R.M. Twyman
102 Roitt’s Essential Immunology Delves
103 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology fundamentals & applications Crommelind
104 Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology Gopal Reddy
105 Concepts in Biotechnology        Balasubramanian, D
106 Biotechnology and Fermentation Process                                                         D'souja, John I.
107 Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology                                   Kokare,Chandrakant     

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