Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis

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This 2-day HPLC course is aimed at those who are new to the technique of HPLC and want to use it for the analysis of pharmaceuticals. The training course is delivered at your company’s site by the MTS trainer. A pre-training visit may be arranged during which the MTS trainer will discuss the content of the training course with you to ensure that the HPLC training is fully tailored to your needs.

This 2-day HPLC course is aimed at those who are new to the technique of HPLC and want to use it for the analysis of pharmaceuticals. The training course is delivered at your company’s site by the MTS trainer. A pre-training visit may be arranged during which the MTS trainer will discuss the content of the training course with you to ensure that the HPLC training is fully tailored to your needs. Every attendee on a MTS course is asked to fill in a brief survey on their previous experience and training expectations to ensure that the training is optimised for their learning needs.

The standard cost for this HPLC course, charged per person, is GBP £600 + VAT, but significant discounts may be applied depending on the number of learners in the group being trained.


HPLC is probably the most important analytical technique used in pharmaceutical analysis. A skilled operator is required to perform HPLC analysis and therefore effective training is required by analysts who use the technique. This HPLC course provides a comprehensive treatment of HPLC theory and application in a pharmaceutical analysis environment.

The first half of the course concentrates on the theory and practical implementation of the technique and includes a section which explains the different types of stationary phases and another which covers the instrumentation in detail. The second half considers the application of HPLC in pharmaceutical analysis, including a step by step guide to performing analysis and a discussion of both system suitability and quantification. Refer to the full course description for details of the agenda on each of the 2 days of the training.

Learning Objectives:

After taking this course the learner will be able to:

Understand what is meant by chromatography, HPLC and pharmaceutical analysis.

Appreciate the wide range of available stationary phases and understand the differences between them.

Identify a particular HPLC column using the relevant descriptive parameters.

Prepare mobile phase for HPLC using different types of solvents, buffers and additives and understand the effect these have on the chromatographic separation.

Identify and understand the purpose of each component of the instrumentation used for HPLC, and how they are connected to each other.

Understand how HPLC is applied to pharmaceutical analysis throughout the drug creation process.

Interpret a HPLC analytical method.

Perform a HPLC analysis following a HPLC analytical method.

Use system suitability testing for HPLC analysis and interpret the results using pharmacopoeia criteria.

Apply calibration and quantification techniques to HPLC analysis and understand the different types of calibration which are commonly used for pharmaceutical analysis.

About uses of HPLC.

What is HPLC used for is widely asked question, So below are some of theexamples where we can use HPLC:-


  • First of all HPLC is widely used in biochemistry as well as chemistry research.
  • It is used in analyzing complex mixture.
  • It is also used in isolation of natural products.
  • It is used in predicting physical properties of a compound.
  • It is used in purifying chemical compounds.
  • In developing process for synthesizing in chemical compounds.
  • It is also used to ensure the purity of raw materials in quality control.
  • In quantitative assay of final products.
  • To check product stability.
  • To monitor degradation.
  • To analyse air pollutants.
  • To analyse water pollutants.
  • Some of the regulatory agencies uses HPLC to survey food and drug products to check whether the purity is as per label claim or not.


About Detector For HPLC:-

There are many Detectors used for HPLC. Let us see what are the different Detectors for HPLC and Some of the information related to detectors. List of different detectors are as follows
HPLC Detector

  • Ultra Violet Detector --(190-400nm)
  • Photo Diode Array (PDA)-- (Entire range products)
  • Refractive Index Detector--(For Compounds not contains Chromophores)
  • Fluorescence Detector --(Compounds that Fluoresce)
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD)
  • Multi Angle Light Scattering Detector
  • Conductivity Detector
  • Optical Rotation Detector
  • Electro Chemical Detector
  • Chemiluminescence Detector
  • Nuclear magnetic Resonance Detector
  • Near Infrared Detector--(700-1100nm)
UV Is Widely used Detector among all the Detectors. But Aternative Detector used when:
  1. Little or no UV Absorbance
  2. Analyte concentration is too less for UV Detection
  3. Sample Interferences
  4. Qualitative structural information is required.
Let us check some of the features that HPLC Detectors must have:
  1. It should give response  to solute concentration (linear response)
  2. It should never response to mobile phase.
  3. It should not be affected where there is sometimes variation in flow rate as well as temperature.
  4. It should response to all compounds in a mixture.
Detectors affect the response in three ways:
  1. Sensitivity
  2. Selectivity
  3. Base line noise

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